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  1. quote: I haven't done any speed tests with VPC5 on OSX. I do know that on my iBook it is slower than VPC4 on my old 292 Wallstreet. We also have just upgraded our license to VPC over the years-- not our Windows license-- so we still run W95. I don't know what difference any of the newer OS's will make. We also haven't bothered to upgrade our ACAD licenses, so a newer version of ACAD might also run very differently on VPC. I run OS10.1 /9.2 and VPC5 on a 550MHz G4 Pbook.My experience with ACAD 2000 on VPC5 in OSX is that it's a dog. Completely unusable in fact; the screen redraw can't even keep up with moderate cursor movements. I daren't even try a model.Under OS9.2, however, it's a bit sliggish, but usable. See if you can audition it on someone elses machine before you commit yuourself. good luck,Nicholas
  2. Sorry, confusing mis-information on my part. I'm working in 10.1 and taking the file to an old G3 running 9.1.x that we're using as a print "server".Is this likely to be an (the) issue? nicholas
  3. An Update I needed to get this printed so I tried deleting some of entire callout boxes and re-doing them (rather than just the text part). They, or rather some of them, then printed.I repeated it with the ones that still didn't print and this time some more printed.Finally, by repeatedly deleteing and re-doing the missing ones I got them all to print.Still no pattern or logic to distribution, type, or any other hints. What is going on here??Epson 1520 printer.Printer drive issues?? Nicholas
  4. Hi again Katie,The text is 10pt and quite visible on screen, it just doesn't print. Other callouts made at the same time on the same layer and class (left, right, & auto) do.Very comfusing. I thought about 10.1.3, but there is a lot of unhappiness out there about other things that it breaks rather than improves, and I"m not too keen just yet. cheers N.
  5. In my previous post on this subject, the text in callout boxes was flipped. This time (same file) SOME of the callout box text is completely missing.Previous fixes ("adjust flipped text" etc ) are not working. I cant reproduce it reliably on new files or old: sometimes it does and sometimes not. Erasing and retyping doesn't work Any ideas (again) thanksNicholas OSX.1.2, VW9.5, 550MHz G4 Powerbook, 512Mb
  6. I haven't had time to check other files, but on the current one:....The only things that were flipped were callouts. The text was not spelt backwards, it was flipped backwards. Some was flipped upside down. Deleting the text in the field and retyping, it remained flipped If I used the appropriate Rotate / flip command TWICE the text and box would then be correct. ( Almost all) I tried Katie's suggestion, and checking the "Adjust flipped text " box corrected the rest. Why did this happen simply copying the file? Is this a bug or just aberent behaviour? thanksNicholas
  7. Having recently upgraded the box of wires, I had to transfer my files to the new one.I used a crossover cable and networked them, and simply copied the files over. With 9.5 now installed on the new one I've opened the files and SOME of the callout box texts have gone through the Looking Glass. Some are upside down, some are back to front. It's only the text part; the general orientation and arrow are in the same place as before.I can get the text round the right way by doing a flipor two, but then the arrow is on the wrong side. Any ideas????????? OSX 10.1.2, VW9.5. Nicholas
  8. The strange redundant rendering image you refer to seems to be VW 9 (perhaps OSX) related rather than video. Both the old G3 and the new G4 do the same thing with completely different cards.I never saw it with VW8.5. The difference for me is that now I can actually use it. (the open GL is nice and crispy too) N.
  9. Well, I've done a bit of damage to the business account, but the new Powerbook has solved my vid problems. The issue is not with VW, it's Apple's ATI drivers.The 550MHz G4 powerbook on OSX is rendering walkthroughs , in millions of colours, on 2 split monitors better than the 333 G3 did with 1 screen in thousands of colours. As noted above; it was unusable previously. If you have to stay with an older model; try adding your weight to the pressure on Apple. Cheers,Nicholas
  10. Hi Katie,One of my pet hates (where DID that expression come from??) is the type of search engine (all too common) that is STOOPID.Not finding something you need is frustrating, but not finding something you know is there because you didn't (or did) capitalise the first letter, or are not quite sure of the spelling, is very &%@*(%$. The Google engine is an example of one that works well, and will offer choices of things that nearly match. Very useful. cheers,Nicholas
  11. Thanks for the response Mathew, I have posted to the petition. I'm surprised that more VW users don't seem to have encountered this problem. I use the modeling functions a lot for furniture design development and really need to rotate and zoom without having to wait for each new "frame" to be redrawn. I have the opportunity to upgrade (for not much money) to a 500MHz G3. Would you be prepared to make a guess on whether I would be likely to see a reasonable improvement??? Do I need a G4??? thanks,Nicholas
  12. Since installing OSX and VW9.5, trying to do walkthroughs or even rotate a model has become nearly impossible due to the (lack of) screen redraws.In OS9.5, VW9 is much the same speed as VW8.5, but in OSX it's a dog.In contrast, on my partners 500MHz G4 PBk, VW9 is fine on OSX.I put this down to just my PBK being older and slower untill I saw the G3/ ATI graphics accelleration issue arrising. Simply; Apple has decided to no longer support most of the ATI graphics cards in most of it's G3 computers.(Refer to Apple Knowledge Base Document No 106154) Here's the question: Has anybody had the same graphics/ redraw experience?, and;Has anybody had one of the effected cards in a G3 and changed to an alternative card had a significant improvement??? I'm still trying to work out if I need to change computers to get VW9 to work well on OSX...... OSX 10.1.2, VW9.5, G3 PBook 333Mhz, 512Mb. Nicholas
  13. Hi Austin,The text was visible in the PDF (viewed with acrobat reader5) but not in hard copy. Since my last post there have been exciting new developments 'though! Yesterday when I tested it, the Bureau's large printer was lacking electricity, so they did it on another machine, reduced to A3. It was fine except for the mentioned. Today on the big printer was quite different.This time some of the polyline objects had the area of the bounding box around the actual object filled with black. The same thing applied to a couple of 45? wall segments (but not the original from which that plan view was duplicated).Both were commercial OCE Reprographics printer/ copying machines, and the small one still worked, except for .....Postscript printer drivers???Have you seen this ? BTW font was Graphite (not MM), and I haven't tried another font - they were getting busy. I did try a DWG export 'though. My sheet has multiple scales, fills, hatches etc: nasty mess, ouch! I need more practice before I do that . cheers,N.
  14. Well, just a quick thanks for some very useful tips.I've just applied the "Austin Method" for sending an A1 size PDF to the print bureau. Success!, .........almost. Everything translated fine except for the text in a view marker which was missing. The "rotated text" box was checked in the VW print options. Any ideas? OS 10.1.2, VW9.5, thanks,Nicholas.
  15. VW 9.5, OSX10.1.2, 333MHz PBk, 512Mb I couldn't find this in a search so:...When using the "boomerang" mode with either of the C & V shortcuts and clicking (rather than dragging a marquee), the tools require a double click to work. The problem is that there needs to be a distinct pause b/w the clicks.Too fast and the cursor reverts to 2D selection (regardless of the keys still being held down), and if too slow, it just doesnt work. This makes zooming back out (e.g. to have a look at sheet arrangment ) a bit of a pain. (Perhaps this is a side effect of Apple's decision to "un support" the G3s and ATI graphics cards. >:-( The general graphics performance when rotating renderings for e.g. on mine is woefull!) Also:When using the "Adobe style" zoom and pan keys; in order to select zoom in, the keys have to be pressed in order. I.E. first space bar THEN the apple key, and for zoom out; space/apple/option.If they are pressed in any other order (unlike the usuall graphics program set-up) they don't work. Bugs?, or is this normal behaviour? Nicholas


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