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  1. I'll try to clarify further ... I have a flat cityscape which I need to bend to match a curved wall. I know the arc length of the wall so I have made the city scape to match that length. If I simply extrude the city scape and subtract a solid to get the shape of the wall - I will have distorted the scale of the cityscape. I could chop it down into segment to obtain a more accurate model but I believe that solution is both time consuming and possibly unnecessary ...
  2. I have a basic city scape cut out that is 6" thick. I now need to curve it to match a wall The image above shows the flat extrude of the cityscape and the curved wall it needs to match. I am hoping that there is a simple command into which I could enter the arc radius and bend it to match
  3. When I finally got around to updating to 12.5 it was smooth operation. the only problem I have had so far is the icon dissapered to be replaced by a generic application icon. Minor problem as it might be, it is making it harder to find and looks terrible in my dock ... I do know how to replace it in the info menu but I need to find the icon again (online or on my computer)
  4. in preferences, you can select to keep track of time logged in the program as well as specific time in a file. That would be helpful but I don't know how to check that log or where it is saved. Anyone have any insight?
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