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  1. Hmm, update to this, it only appears to be happening in one file...
  2. ... because the setting for changing 3D layer views has been turned off'. Apparently. This text is appearing in the red box bottom right of my drawing window when I try to rotate my view using either the rotating view tool or typing an angle in the box. I have no idea how I managed to turn this off, or even that you could turn it off, could some kind soul direct me to the place to turn it back on again?! VW was fine yesterday, rotating and all, but now it's not and I'm going to have to draw an elevation upside down til I can fix this! Thanks in advance. VW2010 SP4, 3.06GHz intel core 2 duo iMac running 10.6.7 (all updates up to date)
  3. So this is a bit of an odd one, we have someone here whose computer was running VW12.5 fine, then someone else used it and now when you go to draw a line using the line tool you can't see the line you're drawing... It feels like someone has hit a little known shortcut by mistake that makes the line you're drawing invisible...? I've been through the preferences to see if there are any obvious tick-boxes that would sort it out but can't see an obvious solution. Computer is a new 27"imac, running OS 10.6, with VW 12.5.
  4. This happened again in a different project file, this time with no dwgs imports whatsoever, a pure VW file, however, it was VW12.5 imported to VW21010, and my file template was made in 2010 and imported, so that narrows it down. When I have time I'll try remaking the file template... all those classes, all those colours...!
  5. Hi David, the machine has 2GB of RAM, the harddrive is 240GB, of which 120GB is used, and all 3 files reside on the server, we don't work with anything local. Thanks, Sarah
  6. Permissions repaired every month or so, ran it again yesterday and it was still misbehaving afterwards. Trash is empty. Only Mail is running in the background. I do open other stuff (Word, Acrobat Reader) but they don't just sit there open, I close them when I'm done and get back to drawing (and yes, properly application closed, not just the window of the document). Files were started fresh in VW2010, though the document template from which they were all created was originally a VW12.5 file. It only has classes and their colours/lineweights set up though, there is no geometry in the template. 3 files - habit. We try to have 1 way of setting up drawings whether it's a small house extension or a large leisure centre - plans, elevations and sections are all in separate files, referenced into each other so multiple people can work on a project at the same time.
  7. Hi, and thanks for your reply. It's not one of the imported classes that's going mad, it's one of my own, that I created, that isn't named even slightly close to any of the imported ones, and was in the file before the topo was imported. How can an imported dwg be affecting classes that don't exist in it?! And, this doesn't happen when I work on the imported dwg file in VW12.5...
  8. I'm beginning to feel like I'm hitting my head on a brick wall with this: VW keeps crashing, (naturally at the most inopportune moments) and I can't figure out why. I'm seriously considering sacrificing the twirly age and going back to VW12.5. Sometimes it happens when I've zoomed out of one area, and go to zoom into another, it pauses, then gives me the marble of doom, then crashes. At this point it never recovers from the marble of doom like some other programmes do. Sometimes when I think it might be about to do this I hit apple-S between the zooming out and the zooming in. Sometimes it happens when I switch from one drawing window to another (using apple+~). Sometimes it seems to be when VW is feeling overloaded (like I've asked it to move a line, then switch to eyedropper and pick up attributes from another line a bit too quick - when I say a bit too quick, VW12.5 could keep up, I'm not overly speedy). Sometimes it happens 5 times in 15 minutes, sometimes it'll go for a couple of hours without misbehaving. I've got a maximum of 3 files open at one time, these files are 997k, 1.6MB and 1.7MB file size, it's a small house extension so it's not like I'm drawing anything huge or complicated. These 3 files are referenced into each other with layer referencing and I'm enjoying being able to turn the whole page around. It doesn't only happen on this project. I can't find any particular discernible pattern, which means I can't work around it. It's driving me mad and causing me a lot of lost time. I have set autosave to save every 5 minutes, but I'm still having to restart the programme each time and wait for the error report to send. Is anyone else having this problem? At all?! Thanks. --- iMac intel, 10.5.8, VW2010 architect SP2
  9. Sorry, missed a bit; that's VW2010 architect, but I'm posting it on the standard forum too just in case...
  10. This has happened a few times now, so I've got past the 'I must have hit some weird shortcut key' stage to the 'why is VW trying to ruin my drawings?' stage. I have a new project set up entirely in VW2010, apart from the topographical survey import from DWG there's no importing at all from anything else, such as VW12.5. There are 3 files (plans, sections and elevations), they all reference each other (layer referencing though, not VP referencing). I find that at random a class (all of which have my own personal colours and lineweights assigned) changes to having an assigned lineweight of 1.63mm (not one I ever use, not one that's even in my list to choose from), and the line style is shown as 'pattern'. It's not set to this is any one of my 3 files, so it's not like it's in one and keeps pulling it through the the others when the references update, it just seems to change at random. Except I seem to detect that VW is having trouble at about the time when it does it (like refresh is taking longer, and generally tasks are taking longer to complete). Changing the class attributes back works, for a day or so until it decides to switch it again. Sometimes VW crashes whilst I'm trying to change the class attributes though, but then it's crashing a lot, so it may not be related, more of that on another post. Is anyone else finding this or am I actually going mad? Thanks. iMac, 10.5.8, VW2010 SP2
  11. Sorry, should have added: VW 2010 architect SP2, on iMac intel, 10.5.8 files having this problem are created from scratch in 2010, no importing of anything at all, not even VW12 files.
  12. Yes, I have this problem too and it's been driving me mad - the lines themselves disappear, but you can still snap to them, so you end up hoping you're snapping to the right line, or zooming out further til you can see it and still hoping you're snapping to the right line. I really like the highighting before you select it feature so I don't want to turn this off, Nemetschek, is there really no other way?!
  13. This is only happening to one of our 3 machines that are running VW2010, regardless of who is working on it (the application of patience doesn't sole the problem). All of us work of the server all of the time so there is never any local saving of files, although trying that did seem to solve the problem. Well, I say solve the problem, it stopped VW crashing but we cannot work like this, all of us need access to all of the files all of the time, which is why they're on the server.
  14. This is only happening to one of our 3 machines that are running VW2010, regardless of who is working on it (the application of patience doesn't sole the problem). All of us work of the server all of the time so there is never any local saving of files, although trying that did seem to solve the problem. Well, I say solve the problem, it stopped VW crashing but we cannot work like this, all of us need access to all of the files all of the time, which is why they're on the server.
  15. Wes, this we will try, though given the people opening our files find opening pdfs difficult it may be beyond their capability to rename the file ending. Thanks, Sarah
  16. Brudgers, this is what we're doing, but it's not a quick exercise when you're trying to issue many drawings, and definitely slower than 'file/export/dwg/enter'. Plus it brings in all of the levels of all of the files that are referenced in, whether they are visible or not, which means we're ending up with multiples of the same level, which is causing the people we're issuing to confusion. Is there really no simple way to do this? VW, can we have a 'export as one single dwg' button in the next update please?! Thanks, Sarah
  17. When I export a drawing file which has say 3 other drawings referenced into it, (and I'm doing this in order that I have 1 files with the title sheet on it and all the drawings that form the actual lines of the drawing are referenced in) I'm finding that the resulting dwg is not one dwg but 4 (1 is the format file (title sheet etc) and the other 3 are the other drawings that are referenced into it. I know that on importing this into Microstation the references are picked up and the drawing looks fine. However, because of the way that one of our large jobs is managed (through an intranet thing that we upload to) we have to be able to export a dwg as one file, not a collection of bits that work together (it will only allow us to upload pdf or dwg files, no folders, no zip files, nothing else). So, how can I export my file as a dwg and ensure it gives me only 1 dwg file. Like VW12.5 does.
  18. Nope, the files are not moving or being renamed whilst they're open, neither is the folder (on the server) that they live in. Neither is the computer dropping the server connection. The files can be only being opened to change the issue date, or print or pdf them, then saved (automatic reflex sometimes rather than actually needing saving) and then closed. It seems that this only happens when the apple-S directly follows the file being pdf-ed. We create pdfs by going through the print dialogue box, and selecting the bottom left 'create pdf' button. Any other ideas from anyone?!
  19. We are still having this problem, I've repaired the disk permissions and that hasn't helped. Is no-one else having this problem? Really? We did find that if, instead of hitting apple-S before closing, we just hit apple-W and OK the prompt to save, it's fine - no crashing...
  20. I have been working on a different machine today and keep getting the following happen: - I'm working happily away in a file, autosave is set for every 10 mins, with a reminder, overwriting the original file. Autosave is saving every 10 minutes, working fine, which is just as well. - I want to save and quit a file, so I hit apple-S - it tells me 'The file save operation failed. Please try again or save to a different location' - so I go to go to file/save as and it briefly gives me the marble of doom, before VW quits. In fact, whatever I do next, wherever I click, it gives me the marble of doom and then crashes. Rest of the computer seems to carry on running fine, just VW crashing. - the connection to the server (where the files are being saved) doesn't seem to be dropping as the connection is still there when I go to reopen the file that it's just thrown me out of. Any ideas? --- MacPro tower, 2 x 2.8GHz quad core intel xeon, 4GB ram, OS 10.5.8 VW Architect 2010, SP1
  21. Ah ha, that's it. Thanks very much, Sarah
  22. A question: does anyone know of a way to copy geometry out of a viewport and onto the layer that you're working on? I ask because we used to be able to copy lines etc out of layerlinks of layers from other files referenced in, but now referencing other files in into viewports we don't seem to be able to. Yes, we could cut and paste in place from the original design file, but then we'd have to open that design file, find the bit, cut, paste, rotate and place in exactly the right place. Before the (for example) related elevation would have been referenced and layerlinked into the correct location in my section and I could just have unlocked that layerlink, taken the lines (eg roof profile) from it and pasted in place on my section. Thanks in advance for any ideas. --- VW2010 on iMac and MacPro running OS 10.5.8
  23. OK, I think I'm understanding this now; if I go to the design layer on which I've created a DLVP referencing another file I can overide the class colours here, then create a sheet layer VP to get it onto my title sheet. Which was what you were doing, but just using the organisation palette. Right. OK. I think I should invest in the training DVDs and stop bothering you guys. Thanks for all your help in the meantime!
  24. Ah yes, OK, that works... thanks. It's somewhat more long winded than how I used do do it on VW12 (through the info palette as previously described)... should it work the old way then? Or is this how it is for sheet layer viewports and I can use the old way on design layer viewports? Thanks.
  25. Hi Wes, Um... I'm not sure what you did to make it work, but if I download the 2 files you sent back, and update the reference in the target file to be the source one that you sent, then I still can't control class colours. Perhaps I'm being stupid, but I'm selecting the viewport, then selecting 'classes' in the info palette, then selecting the relevant classes (ie all of them) and turning the pen colour to black. And they're staying the pink and blue and green that they were. And in the source file I've done a select all and made sure that everything was on colour by class. If you can do it and I can't, does this suggest it's my computer? Thanks.
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