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  1. We know VW10 (and below) doesn't support literal "cameras". My question is, do all the combinations of other tools in VW (translate view, zoom, set perspective) fully replace a camera -- albeit inconveniently? I continually have problems with interior walls blocking my view of another room. Of course, I could make particular walls invisible -- but that's a pain. What I can't figure out is how to literally move that invisible, it's really there but you can't grab it "VW camera" INTO a room. Sure, I can zoom in, or set the perspective, or "ALT-translate view - move mouse right" -- but all these seem to do is keep the camera in place while changing the camera lens to telephoto. What they don't seem to do is literally move the camera into a room. That is, I want a wide angle camera view from ACTUALLY close up. Moved inside of the obscuring interior wall. Which would then be behind me and no longer obscurant. What I don't want is a view from far away, telephotoed in, that shows me the obscuring wall close up. So... in summary -- is it ALWAYS possible using the VW tools to actually move the "camera" up close? Or is it often impossible? VW really does need a camera tool (like the ones about everybody else has).
  2. BTW (having been looking over old glazing posts) I'm not at all clear that this occasional opacity is a bug -- more likely (in my case at least) just something I haven't figured out regarding styles, classes, activation, etc. But, at least, the documentation seems a little opaque. It seems the default for the Window PIO is to utilze "container class". When I set it into a grey wall -- the window, jambs, muntins, glazing, etc. go grey. So then I edit the glazing class in object info, and change it to "glazing-1" Sometimes this makes the window glazing clear and sometimes it doesn't. I think. [ 10-07-2003, 03:54 PM: Message edited by: Bob Harrington ]
  3. Ditto Here. Win XP Home,VW 10.1, using the "Glazing-1" class for the glazing on the provided "Window" PIO (whether in a wall or not). Sometimes it's clear and sometimes it's not and it is hard to tell why. Doesn't seem to matter (when in a wall) whether the window is flipped in or out, or whether it is viewed from one side or the other. [ 10-07-2003, 02:50 PM: Message edited by: Bob Harrington ]
  4. Well, I got 10.1 installed on Windows XP -- appears to run o.k. However, it created a parallel directory of itself alongside the directory 10.0.1 created initially. Question: Can I now uninstall 10.0.1 and expect 10.1 to continue to work? Would save over 100 Meg on the hard drive. Also -- I just don't see at the moment an "uninstall 10.0.1" option -- any idea what the EXE file would be named that would do the job?
  5. How does one create hybrid objects? How does one create hybrid symbols? The VW 10 User's Manual has 2 chapters on creating 2D objects, and 3 chapters on creating 3D objects, but nary a word on how to create hybrid objects. There are 3 listings for "Hybrid" in the VW10 index (1-2, 5-11, 12-20 ) but they are pretty tangential.
  6. If I buy an upgrade from VW 8.5 to VW 9.0 0) Is it possible to install VW9.0 upgrade into a different directory or drive on the same computer, and continue workiing with VW 8.5 while familiarizing oneself with VW 9.0? 1) Will I lose all the DTM work that I have been doing in VW 8.5? Will I lose the ability to work with new DTM? (Making the assumption that I DON'T spring for the new LANDMARK product). That is, will NNA take DTM away from me with VW9.0, and then want me to pay for it again as a LANDMARK item? 2) Running in Win 98 with no OpenGL card (why oh why didn't you guys choose to support universally available DirectX -- don't much care for graphics cards that cost more than my computer) and without Renderworks, will the OpenGL renderings in VW 9.0 be (PAINFULLY) slower than the QuickDraw 3D renderings in VW 8.5? That is, did will you take QuickDraw 3D away from me, without giving me an (equal quality and speed) replacement?
  7. I too am looking at Epson printers (under Win98), specifically the Epson Stylus color 3000, which is supposed to print a REAL 17" x 24". I want to do REAL, not interpolated, 300 dpi, 24 bit color output from VW8.5. I'm concerned about 2 things. 1) I've read elsewhere that VW8.5 has a 3000 x 2000 pixel printed output limitation. 2) Janis Kent in her fine book (Works Manual, 8.5, pp. 56-57) says that "Raster Translation Language" -RTL- is the way to go for HiQ output on large format inkjet printers. (Not HPGL2 or PostScript). Her suggestion is good for HP printers, but when I call up EPSON and ask them about RTL or its equivalent (for Windows) -- they don't have a clue what I'm talking about. They keep pushing PostScript solutions at me. Does anyone out there get better than 72dpi output on Epson large format printers under Windows? How do you do it?
  8. To whomever knows, 1) How well will/do VW8.5.1 and Renderworks work under Windows 2000, due out next week? 2) When is VW 9.0 due out?
  9. To: Anyone that knows, How well will the present version of ARCHITECT work with the upcoming VW 9.0? If an upgrade to ARCHITECT is needed to maintain compatability with VW 9.0 -- what will the policy be? For that matter, how well will VW 8.5.1 and the present version of ARCHITECT work under the release of Windows 2000 due out next week?


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