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  1. I'm trying to use the drawing note database. Yet ANOTHER half baked tool.

    If I update a note in the database, this should update all instances of the note in the drawings. It does not. It replaces one instance.

    Maybe I could simply use the Find and Replace text... NO it will not work on the Callout tool.

    If that is not wasting my time, how about this dialog. For some reason VW thinks someone else is making change to my database. Now when ever I change a note I get 6 of these dialogs in a row. It does not matter which button I click, mine is better or The other note is better the conflict is not resolved.

    I've used this tool through out a full drawings set. I now have to make changes to notes. It is going to to take me a good while to manually go through each call out read it check to see if it is correct, If I update it I have 6 clicks of resolve note conflicts to get through.


    1) How do I bulk edit call out tools with out using find and replace

    2) How do I get rid of this dumb ass conflict?


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  2. I'm on 2011 so don't know about stories.

    I always keep the ground floor of the building at 0 for the Layer Height.

    The DTM sits on it own layer. I set the layer height of the DTM to be the negative RL. IE If the RL of the building is 31.6M then my Layer height for DTM is -31.6M.

    I have a DTM modifier layer with Layer height = 0.

    When these are section view ported then you get everything in the right place.

    On 2011 the 'Elevation Height' tool is relative to the design layer it is on, rather then 3D space (fail). So you have to be very careful using this as when you arrange your Section VP on your sheet layer, the Elevation Benchmark will change its reading.

  3. While this looks fun - it is not important to work flow or for comunicating to anyone. a gridlines is something to communicate to builders, a crisp 2d set out line drawing is required.

    If any time is spent in the gridline tool then

    1st add an extrude to each line so that when you section the gridline it shows up in the section viewport.

    2nd make the section vp smart enough to self label the gridline

    3rd if you want to make a 3d tool like that shown here then the gridline should appear on all surfaces at the intersection. Ie the grid is seen on floor column and ceiling.

  4. The framing member tool does not work as a stud.

    As far as I know there is no VW tool that can do studs.

    It can be done... your options are

    Easy & free.

    Create a symbol for each stud type.

    Attach a record to the geometry in the symbol and use the worksheet to find it.

    Easy & Expensive

    Pay some one to develop (script) the custom Plug In Object stud tool for you.

    Hard & Expensive (expensive as it will probably take you 100 hours to learn)

    Learn how to program vectorworks and write the plug in your self.

  5. It looks like some updates on Python Scripting has been added to the site now.

    There does not seem to be much in the way of tutorials.

    Interested to see more.

    It looks like Python allow access to OS operations. One function that needs to be added to Vectorworks export is the inclusion of a drawing revision in the PDF name. Hopefully some guru here can figure it out with Python.

  6. I heard an interview recently with the owner of a listed software start up explaining why his company, which is continuing to make a loss, is experiencing incredibly strong growth.

    The software is accounting software. It is 'sticky' software. Once the user is using the software, there is cost to move to another package.

    R&D is the main cost to the software company, in the early phase there is a lot of expense on innovation to attract new clients. A mature software company is one with a stable user base. As the main cost is R&D you can easily cut this expense which then catapults the company in to high profitability.

    A client, faced with high cost to move software, ie loss of database and training, the client will stick with the software until there is a clear and obvious innovation provided in another offering.

    This explanation certainly rings true for me. My reason not to move from VW is due to the libraries and templates that we have set up...

  7. 'this has been fixed by an upgrade'

    I suspect this contributes to why a lot of people on this forum are down on Vectorworks.

    When I pay for software, I'd expect that bugs are fixed in the features I have paid for. IMO having to pay to upgrade to get the bugs fixed is wrong.

    I don't think I am alone in my desire for a stable platform that works the way it is advertised.

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