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  1. Thanks for trying Katie, but even if not doing anything on my computer while VW is printing is the solution, it is not practical. While graphically VW is a great tool, it is by far an inferior product compared to AutoCAD for its reliatbility and stability. We have been long time users of VW and myself personally longer, since MiniCAD 6.0. The last truely great upgrade was VW 8.5. It's been down hill since. Going back to my original question, it appears that the 'squished text' problem had not been solved with the latest VW 10.1, therefore I will not be recommending our office to upgrade. Yovav, there's also another great plot file viewer called WebPlotter (http://www.swplot.com/wplot.htm) Terence
  2. To All, Greetings. Our office's printing problems in the past started with VW 9.5 on Windows NT to HP1055 DesignJet plotters. We have since upgraded to Windows 2000 and now, a few months later, we started to notice a "squished text" problem that seems to happen sporatically. Out IT have contacted VW tech support before and they found out that it's a known problem with Windows NT, 98 and Millennium. The recommendation was to upgrade to Win 2000 or try using the Adobe Postscript driver instead. (We're using Win 2000 now, and I don't want to use the Postscript driver because it is so much slower than the HP/GL) My question is: has the new VW 10.1 addressed problems VW encountered with printing to the HP/GL driver? Can I expect the "squished text" problem be eliminated with the newest version of VW? For those of you using VW10 on PC, how is your printing experience? problems? Thanks in advance, Terence
  3. To All: Let me apologize first if this is an old issue. But has anybody noticed that in VW 9.5.2 (PC), some commands or tools in toolbars actually do something else when you click on them? And somehow, this problem grows. I first noticed with my 'Pallettes/Landmark Tools' command. I can never get my Landmark Tools toolbar to display and instead VW seems to think I want to use the "Unconstrained Single-Line" tool. Now, I just noticed that I cannot change my text from "Bold" to "Plain Text" and instead it's using some kind of "Constrain" tool. The only way to change my text is re-typing it with a new text box. This is very annoying. How can I fix or reset all commands back to normal before I start losing control of all my tools! Also, I am using a custom workspace. Thinking maybe somthing's wrong with my workspace, I've since switched back to VW's default Landmark workspace which I have not edit at all. Although I can see my Landmark tools, I cannot call up other toolbars from the pallette menu. Again, VW calls up some other command that I did not ask for at all. Please Help! Terence
  4. Thanks for the reply Bruce. But can we expect a fix any time soon? I enjoy using "Custom Selection..." because it is easy to use and convenient when I need to isolate a group of objects belonging to a particular class "quickly". Writing a script and edit it afterwards for every time I use the command (when isolating by class) is not my idea of quick. (I mind as well use "Class Option" - "Active Only".) Terence
  5. You will also find that the file size is noticeably larger, about 1.5 times larger in some cases. As long as your computer can handle larger files and have the disk space for it, you'll be fine. 9.0 is very buggy. Make sure you're upgrading to 9.5. Terence
  6. For your information: I'm using Windows NT 4 SP6, Dell Precision 530 523MB Ram Terence
  7. I think I've found a serious problem with 9.5.1. I often use the "Custom Selection..." command, especially when I have an architectural drawings with many classes. It appears that I cannot (by using Custom Selection) isolate objects that belong to a class with a name that has one or more "-" (dash) characters! I thought it was a problem with my new drawing. But when I go back to an old drawing that I knew for sure there was no problem or corruption, the bug persisted. Please look into this and find a fix. Best Regards, Terence
  8. To Tech Support: What we used to be able to do with VW8.5 was to print transparent bitmap images with its "black" color changed to a different (any) color. For example, we have a silhouette of a tree that was a TIF image in Bitmap mode. We would bring it into VW and by making the "Fill Style" to "Pattern", we would change the "Black" foreground color to a different (any) color, and then change its "Fill Style" to "None" to make it transparent. Again, what we used to be able to do this and was able to print and get exactly what we see on screen. Now, in VW9.5 we can only do this with a transparent bitmap with its foreground color set to "Black". If we try to use a different color, it would print its alternate foreground color but with a white background box as if the image was left on "Pattern" or "Solid" and not "None" even though the white box did not show up on our screen. I've also tried the "Enable special processing for transparent color bitmaps" option but it did not make a difference. Also, when we were successful in printing our transparent bitmaps with "black" foreground color, we did not need to use the special processing option to print the bitmaps properly. We are using VW9.5 on PC, using Adobe Postscript 5 drivers for HP DesignJet 1055CM plotters. Please Help! as this is an important issue for our office and the way we produce our drawings.
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