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  1. Katie thanks for your help... re OS9.0.4 - agreed, I'll update them to 9.2. re RAM The amount of physical memory on the machines varies. Most have 384MB, but a few have 192MB or 128MB. Will Vectorworks run with this amount of physical memory? If not, how much should it need? It seems that on the 384MB machines I need to allocate at least about 80MB in order to stop the memory errors.
  2. Thanks Katie, it does seem memory related. How much do I need? The box says 64MB. I had 70MB allocated which gave the error in a drawing consisting of just 1 line. How much should I be looking to allocate? John.
  3. I am just starting upgrading 40 Macs running OS9 from VW8.5.1 to VW10.1. Installation of the software seems fine. I can also load up the new software and do a drawing. However, when I try to quit Vectorworks, it is giving an error type 1,2 or 3 every time. It does quit, but gives the system message recommending that the user restart. I updated CarbonLib to 1.6, but did not solve the problem. Problem occurs with normal extension set and under MacOS Base set. I am having the same problem on a OS9.0.4 and a OS9.2.2 machine. I am probably missing something obvious, but does anyone know why this is happening? Any suggestions greatly appreciated - I don't really want to upgrade 40 machines to all have this issue. Thanks, John.
  4. Thanks very much Hannes, Sir Dan, Stargate. I'll try and see if I can get it working. I'm glad theres so many helpful people watching this forum!
  5. You are quite right Hannes, I'm sorry I sent wrong script! This is the one which was playing up (any other ideas?) Thanks very much, John. Procedure CustTool;VAR Name:STRING;Result:BOOLEAN;BEGIN PushAttrs;ClearCavities;PenSize(7);PenPat(2);AddCavity(TRUE, 5.3937008", 1.4566929", 35);PenSize(7);PenPat(2);AddCavity(TRUE, -5.3937008", -1.4566929", 35);DoubLines(0");PenSize(7);PenPat(2);SetZVals(0", 0");FillFore(255);FillBack(0);FillPat(1);PenFore(255);PenBack(0);PenPat(2);PenSize(7);PenPat(2);Marker(0, 0.125000, 15); NameClass('Walls');CallTool(-208);PopAttrs;END;Run(CustTool);
  6. Thanks very much Hannes, I'll send script for you to look at for us, if you don't mind. John.
  7. VW8.5.1 on G4. Using "Custom Tool/Attribute", I am trying to create a tool so that all our staff will create walls in the same pen, fill type, line type and class.When I run the created script, it changes the active class, pen etc correctly, but stops when it trys to select the wall tool. I have to sit clicking the mouse and after between 2 and 10 seconds wall preferences dialogue is eventually displayed. Often it does not even get this far and the machine hangs.I have tried a script without the tool option selected and that works fine, changing the class, colours etc with no problems. How can I get the script to change active settings and then select a tool without hanging the machine? (Please excuse my ignorance. Although we have been using Vectorworks for a long time, we have only just begun setting up scripts to standardise our work.)
  8. Sorry, we've solved this now. We left machine for 10 minutes. It sat there doing absolutely nothing. After 10 minutes drawing suddenly appeared. Purging unused objects has brought the opening time for this back to normal.
  9. One of our Architects worked 10 hours on a drawing yesterday. This morning she cannot open it up. There is no error message, VW just freezes. Clock stops, mouse pointer frozen, have to force-quit Vectorworks. When I try to open the file, the top right corner says "Reading" and counts from 0% to 100%. So far so good. It then says "Checking" and jumps straight from 0% to 58%, where the computer freezes. I have tried this on a G3 and a G4, using VW8.5.1 and VW8.5.2, running Mac OS8.6 and OS9.0.4, with 50MB and 200MB of memory allocated to VW . Exactly the same result every time. I've not seen anything like this on VW before, and there doesn't seem to be any "Recover" feature like MiniCAD had. Any suggestions anyone for what might have caused this, or how to save the poor girl having to repeat 10 hours detail drawing? John.
  10. Oh, I forgot. When the machines hang, a second copy of the "2D Selection Tool" toolbar appears below and on top of the first. It is the first one (in the background) which gets stuck with "Verifying File....100%. Bizarre.
  11. We have about 20 G3's running OS8.6 and about 20 G4's running a mixture of OS9.04 and OS9.1. All machines are running VW8.5.1. A particular drawing seems to have run into a problem. None of the G3's will open it. But ALL of the G4's will. All of the G3's start to open it, counter in top right counts up to 100%, computer freezes at 100% when it says "Verifying File". Waiting 10 minutes does nothing. Force Quit quits application OK. Amount of RAM not the problem. Application memory allocation does not seem to influence it either. I'm mystified. Please suggest what I'm missing.... <thanks>
  12. Same problem - 3 new 533MHz G4's, NVIDIA GeForce2 cards, OS9.1, VW8.5.1, selection handles only visible with 256 colours (or 256 grays!). We have 55 Macs with previous hardware which don't give this problem. We are currently reviewing our company CAD strategy - whether to stay with Vectorworks or not. Obviously I need to know if it will work on current hardware - is there any point in keeping investing in this product? Just to add a little more weight to the request for some replies from NNA in this thread. In hopeful anticipation... John.
  13. We are currently drawing a large apartment block which curves gently at a certain radius. We draw a large circle at the correct radius and snap to its intersection with a line to draw the walls. But, when you zoom in closer to the curve, the snap is offset by a distance from the circle. As far as I can tell the snap position on curves/curved walls is not being calculated accurately enough. I am concerned because if the architect does not notice this error then the walls will be offset on the plans, we have already had an engineer commenting about inacurracies in our models due to this. Am I missing something, is this a known issue?
  14. quote: Originally posted by Brian O: Gonen, Unfortunately, I am unaware of this particular problem, as are others in Tech Support and our print applications developer. I know that there were some issues with the 1055C driver that another user brought up in the past and they found using the 755c driver that it resolved the issue, however this was not a size relation issue. We use an HP 755cm plotter at Nemetschek, N.A. quite often. In fact, it is the most frequently used by Tech Support of all our in-house plotters. Perhaps another user has heard of this and might be of more help. The most I could suggest at this time is double check to be sure that you are not scaling the plot in VectorWorks and perhaps try using the 755 driver for both plotters to see if this might solve the problem. VectorWorks does create a larger plot file size (actual size of a .prt file), however not an actual plot on paper. If this problem persists, please contact Technical Support and we will be glad to work with you on this trying to duplicate the results you are receiving. I was very interested to read this comment about issues with 1055's. We have 5 different printers and plotters, including an HP750+ and an HP1055CM. A problem has appeared which is only happening on the 1055CM. A filled object has been drawn overlaying a pattern. On all the other printers the filled object is displayed correctly, but the 1055CM seems to give a partial transparency of the fill with certain colours so that the pattern behind is partially printed. For example a window can take on the brickwork pattern of the wall which it is set into. It is very strange. I am using Dual 450 G4 with OS9.0.4 and Adobe 8.5.1. Have tried different versions of Adobe and Laserwriter drivers with same result. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
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