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  1. I don't have Illustrator, although on more complex designs I might be able to convince engineering to convert it for me. Thanks for the tip! Luckily in yesterday's PDF it was in 1/4" scale already.

  2. I just want to thank wwlighting for posting this, I never thought to import a PDF of a drawing and trace it when no digital drawing was available, and it turned out yesterday that was the best thing I could do for a client. THANKS!!!!

  3. Katie -

    Thanks, I did indeed speak with someone about the online training and right now it is a question of funds (and convincing work to pay for it). I will definately keep it in mind. I wonder if I can email you a description of what I would like to accomplish and see you if have any idea on a timeline it would take, or how many exercises there are available. Thanks

  4. Okay guys! So I got the one Polyline shape...but when I try to render it with a texture from the library it doesn't render, but I can fill it with solid colors. I've tried to render it as both a polyline as well as an extrude. Any other suggestions smile.gif

  5. Thank you for your information Tom. My co-worker I believe is very much against me coming in with a new program and I think is trying to find a way to show that our programs are not as easily compatible, thus forcing me to learn AC.

    I do have the choice to resize to 1:1 sometimes. I have not yet nailed down why it is only on some drawings. Thanks again

  6. I could use some help with a co-worker...he uses AutoCAD and gets upset when I export drawings to him because he has to convert them to 1:1 (often because I don't think to change the scale before I export all my drawings for the day) He makes many comments about using Paper Space properly, now this may be my ignorance but is there a equivalent to Paper Space in VW and how does it function.

    Also does anyone know if it is truly a difficult task to take a DWG that is in 1/4" scale and convert it to 1:1 in AutoCAD? Thanks

  7. Does anyone know how to make the default connection length less than 2'10"? I am trying to make a 1'0" x 1'0" connector box for truss. This is my first time using the truss tool. Thanks

  8. If it will import into a blank drawing. Cut and paste what you need. I have to import DWG's quite a bit and found that to be the most effective way if I need to put something into an exisiting drawing. HTH

  9. Has anyone out there completed this tutorial with success. I keep hitting road blocks at step 4. Creat Body.

    I am able to create the cylindrical body and flange but when I try to do the fillet Surface command and then Stitch and Trim I am unable to proceed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    Note to NNA: Pictures with the various steps would be helpful, instead of just a picture of what you should have at the end of each section. Thanks


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