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  1. @Johalperin @Johalperin Thank you for answering. They are just top/plan 2D viewports. I don't know how to send the file, plus it such a mess I would be embarrassed. I think there is a setting somewhere that has turned on and is making the viewports grayed out but I cannot figure out what it is. I am thinking of starting over, copying and pasting everything to one layer (the Design Layer -- right now I have a few layers with drawings on each) and seeing what happens. Also to try going to backup copies when it was working correctly.
  2. Viewports show up with the drawing grayed on the screen. It looks the way the drawing looks when you have to exit a group, for example -- When I try to print them, there is nothing in the crop. I have all the layers on, it has "unified layer" on, I know there's some simple thing but cannot find it to fix. HELP. Have wasted a whole day.
  3. Is there a way to expand the tools in the Basic Tools so they all stay open? In other words, if you see the tool by pressing the little triangle is there a way to make those additional tools stay visible in the Basic tool box? Also is there a way to make the Basic Tool box bigger beyond the + sign at the top of it?
  4. Accidentally clicked on tool set and it leaves only the heading. cannot get it to expand to show tools. Any ideas?
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