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  1. I am using VW LM 2012. I would like to create a custom plant tag and use it as a default for each plant created without having to re-create it for every plant individually. Is there a way to create a default plant tag? It would save me hours of time if the tag would default to what I want it to be. Or is there a work around? Thanks
  2. Thanks Jonathan. I will do that. It does seem like VW could create a custom field that is saveable somehow. I'll put it on the wish list.
  3. Help! I am trying to create a custom plant tag that can be saved so I don't have to create it over and over for each plan.Very frustrating and time consuming. I want qty/size/latin name. Anyone done this?
  4. Thanks for any help with this-I want to set up a default custom plant tag which is Qty, size and ID. This is not a default option so when I go to make one in the custom dialog box, it works, but for the next plant I have to re-type the entire formula again. It won't save as an option or let me cut and paste in each time. There must be a way to create a new default setting with my items on the tag.
  5. It turns out you have to create a new plant from the landmark menu. I was creating a regular symbol which the plant database did not recognize and would overload and crash the system.
  6. That was it. I don't know how it got turned off but it's back. Thank you so much. It was driving me crazy.
  7. I am creating a planting plan and the plant leader lines are invisible. When the plants are highlighted they show in highlight, but when I click out they disappear. I can see the plant and the tag, but no leader. How can I turn them on? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your help Darrell. Will be in the office Monday and send the files.
  9. I opened a new file, drew each symbol (grouped the elements of a symbol together), then created the symbol. When I was done I move that file to the default plant folder. Maybe the grouping of the symbol elements messed up the symbol?
  10. I have created a new plant symbol database which is in the plant default folder. When I try to make a new plant, I can see the list of new symbols in the place plant preference pane but when I click on one of the new symbols the software crashes. Happens every time. Any idea what's going on. This is the first time I have tried to create my own symbols and get them into the system. Jeff
  11. When I import a DWG file into a blank layer set at say, 1/8"= 1'-0", the imported file comes in and becomes a 1:1 file, even though I have specified the import to be at that scale. Any thoughts on why this isn't working? Never had this problem with 12, only in 12.5.
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