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  1. Katie I ran disk utility, and after a restart, I can now snap to "gray" entities again, so thanks for the advice. I have only been using macs for the past 18 months, and I am ashamed to say that I didn't know there was such a thing as disk utility, but I suppose that is testimony to the stability of my mac. When using windows, it was a must to know all the tricks and fixes for the OS!!! One more thing, as an Autocad convert, I would never want to go back to Autocad again. I considered myself to be a fairly advanced Autocad user, but my output in Vectorworks is faster, and looks a hell of a lot better. Having said that, I couldn't live without the additional tools I've added to Vectorworks, i.e. Move tool by point/remote point, ditto copy. Rotate View Turn off layer by selecting, ditto class Stretch (I mean a proper stretch tool) All I want now is a one hit delete tool and "direct data entry" (as on sketchup) Thanks Again
  2. Sorry, I mean Gray/Snap and Gray/Snap/Modify others doesn't work ( cut and paste turns my mind to mush!)
  3. I have checked all the settings in the threads above, but the problem persists. I have done the following. Open a new drawing. Ensure design layer 1 active, and class set to show/snap/modify others. Draw a circle on design layer 1, Class None,Top plan 2D view at scale 1:1 (I always draw 1:1, and use viewports and workgroup references where appropriate) Draw a rectangle on design layer 2, Class None, Top plan 2d view at scale 1:1 In layer options, Gray others is ok In layer options, Gray/Snap others doesn't work (Grays, but wont snap) In layer options, Gray/Snap others doesn't work (Grays, but wont snap) Now classes Set design layer 1 active Set design layer options to show/snap/modify others Draw a rectangle on a new class called A, Top plan 2d view at scale 1:1 Draw a circle on a new class called B, Top plan 2d view at scale 1:1 In class options, Gray others is ok In class options, Gray/Snap others doesn't work, (Grays, but wont snap) In class options, Gray/Snap others doesn't work (Grays, but wont snap) Send a copy of this drawing to someone else in the office, and it works perfectly on their machine. Open one of my old drawings, either from my machine, or from the server, same problem. I now download the latest copy of Quicktime free edition, problem persists. Restart my Mac, problem doesn't go away! During these operations, all my snaps are on. Have tried Hardware accelerated 2D navigation on and off, still no joy. This has suddenly happened Does anyone have a magic bullet solution please!!!
  4. Ref my post above, am using 12.5, not 11
  5. I have the same problems. The gray/snap and show/snap options have suddenly stopped working, and it's driving me nuts.
  6. I am currently running Vectorworks 11. I have customised my workspace to include third party add on tools and menus. Will upgrading to version 11.1, then 11.5 destroy my customised workspace? If so, can I back it up and restore? Machine Name: iMac G5 Machine Model: PowerMac12,1 CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (3.1) Number Of CPUs: 1 CPU Speed: 1.9 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB Memory: 512 MB Bus Speed: 633 MHz Boot ROM Version: 5.2.6f1
  7. Okay Travis, I will try that. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
  8. The flipped text preference is on, and the text offset is set, for instance to 20mm in the OIP. When I re-open the drawing after saving and closing, the text flips and I have to re-set the offset in the OIP to something like -60mm to get it looking right again. it may be that someone else in the office has opened and saved the drawing after me, and that this may be part of the problem? It doesn't happen to to all dimensions or to all drawings. Just asking on here to see if anyone else had this problem, and if so was there a quick fix. Life's never that easy!!
  9. I dimension a drawing. I exit the drawing. When I re-open the drawing the dimension text has flipped (mirrored) from above the line to below (or left of line to right of line if the dimension is vertical).........I have to then select the dimensions and adjust the text offset to reset it back to how it was. Any thoughts? Am using Vectorworks 11 on an imac G5 OSX 10.5
  10. John Are you drawing at 1:1 and using viewports to give the appropriate scale? It seems to be that VW doesn't like text any larger than 500mm (18 inches) high.
  11. Go to www.vectorbits.com. At the bottom left of the screen you will see a "rotate drawing" menu which you can download for free. This will rotate the whole drawing, including classes that are turned off (invisible). It's not as convenient as Autocads UCS follow setting, that allowed you to rotate the view of the drawing (rather than rotating the actual objects) but it's the best solution I've encountered so far. Don't forget to rotate back to to your original view when you've finished working!
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