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  1. And what must you use for getting the net area with objectvariablereal???
  2. wich version do you use? maybe the problem is solved in vw 12.5. I am using vw 12 now.
  3. I just did that, that's what i meant with surface (one side) sorry for the confusion. but i did it in the spreadsheet of vw.
  4. I just tried the calculation in a spreadsheet and if found that when you calculate the volume with volume, the answer is the same incorrect one like with CalcVolume() from vectorscript. If i then do wallthickness*surface, i get the correct answer!!!
  5. I tried to draw a wall with a peak (2x2 and a peak 2x0.5). then I draw an extrude like the wall (same shape). The extrude gives the correct volume, the wall not!!!
  6. nothing if you render it in open gl or in other rendering methods as long as you don't get lines in your rendering!!! try render it with a method that uses lines! you'll see that you get lines that doesn't need to be there, and all because of the way the window is made! So if you want a front view (if the window is on the front side) like for a building plan of the architect, you'll need to use lines and no textures!!!!
  7. NO! that's totaly wrong! That way you'll never be able to use the feature that does not show the lines between two layers in walls! i tried different things and i finally found the best solution. with best i mean the one for using the special feature. you draw a wall, then insert a corner window in it at the edge. i know there isn't any in vw, but you can make it yourself or, as i did, make it with vectorscript. after inserting it into the wall, go to 3D view and adjust the wall so you get a kind of L shape. u must use 'without caps' in the preferences of the symbol. this way the window and wall will show correct in 2D view and 3D view and you don't get lines you do not need!
  8. But this problem must be know? no? or is there a solution to it???
  9. this command works only with walls withouth peaks, when the wall is modified with ex. fit walls to roof, the you get a peak and the volume vw gives is the half of the triangle piece on top of the wall!!! does someone encountered this problem to?
  10. hey, I've made a path plug-in object and i want to acces it from another script to find its path, so i can draw a polyline exactly like the object, any ideas?
  11. Where can I find the finished solar animation? I've search the comp, but can't find it!
  12. How do you use the path plug-in object? let's say I want to draw a double line on the path. How do you do this? because this plugin object has no parameters.
  13. When you make a plug-in tool, you can assign a icon to it. Then go and change your workarea and make a new palette and set your tools on it!
  14. i've found an easy way to do it! Because I make all my pio's myself, I just make the option to draw the cornerwindow. then all I have to do is draw the peace that must be subtracted from the wall and subtract it. Then you'll have youre cornerwindow that draws correct with all render methods! And you can still adapt everything! you just doubleclick the wall again and edit all the windows, and edit all the window not in the wall. So it is possible, and it only takes a few secons more!
  15. I just saw the demo movies, and i must say it is a very good tool. but i've got some questions about it. Because the walls under and above the window are drawn seperatly and you must stop your wall next to the window, You'll have lines in your renderings were the wall stops. if you render them artistic or some other render method that uses edges. So will it draw these lines or not? because when it does, we can't use it. and we only have to do a simple cornerwindow, so the way it is done, i can program it myself, it is just an object. and we have only one type of corner window.
  16. hey, how can you make corner windows? I always get a plain in the corner? (I can make it in 2D, but I can't find a way to do it in 3D). you can do it with subtractsolid, but then the wall is no wall anymore, and it must stay a wall!
  17. That's not what i mean. I know how the make a database row. but there is also a function in the ws named database(). with this function you can select all objects with a criterea and then do something with them on one cell. like database(c='gevel') gives all objects of the class 'gevel'. and then you can do something with them. but I can make it work like i want ot. I want to select all those walls of that class that has a certain thickness and a certain wall style
  18. What i mean is how can you delete is from inside a script!
  19. hey, How can you delete a worksheet? And how to select one with a specific name (or get the handle of it)?
  20. hey, I'm calculating my building with a worksheet, and it's working wel, but when i insert a row, I must adapt all my formulas!. Now that's not such a big problem because i can use the function database(). I know that c stands for clas and n for name etc. but what if i want to get all the walls with a certain wallstyle? does someone know this?
  21. that's not the same! HDuplicate duplicates the original object and moves it, but I need to offset the original so it is bigger
  22. there is another problem i've found with the added functions of architect. When you use =if(condition;true;false) with the condition wallthickness=x, it wont work and it gives the word true or false instead of the function used for true and false.
  23. hi, where does vw12 saves my selfmade vso's? because there not in the plug-in folder! (like 11.5)
  24. Hi, is there some sort of offset command in vectorscript? i can find one, so please help me. I need to offset a polygon.
  25. I've made a cross section of a house, and when I render it with lines, it's seems ok. But when I render it with textures, it all messes up where there are openings in the walls. Without the openings, it's ok. So I think it's because of the symbols in the wall. I'll try to put up a picture later this day, but did someone had the same problem?
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