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  1. Thanks Andrew and Nina. Nina - I just emailed you. Thanks again!
  2. Hi all. I've searched this forum to no avail so I thought I post my question. Let me start with a quick background. I'm working with a client who designs custom home plans and has been for 20+ years. He's got several hundred plans in the old BluePrint 5.0 format. He just recently purchased VectorWorks 12 and also has MiniCAD 7 or 8 (not sure). We figured out how to convert from BluePrint to MiniCAD to VectorWorks without a hitch. Everything comes across cleanly - very cleanly. As a matter of fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see how perfect the translation was. I run a 3D Visualization company and we use 3D Studio MAX and AutoCAD. I have been commissioned to create 3D models and renderings using my clients CAD files. In order for this job to be successful, I need to convert from VectorWorks to DWG format. Here is where I run into a problem. I'm exporting to DWG from VectorWorks but when I open the DWG file in AutoCAD, I'm getting a garbled mess. In some cases, most of the information isn't even coming across. (See the images below.) I'm not sure where the loss of translation is occurring. I'm inclined to believe that it's happening at the DWG export stage, since the conversion from BluePrint to MiniCAD to VectorWorks is flawless - at least it seems flawless. Are there any guidelines that I should be following to "prep" the VectorWorks file before exporting to DWG? I?m using all the export defaults. I can provide more information if it helps. Just let me know what else you need. I would appreciate any ideas and suggestions since I?m out of ideas and didn?t have all the many ideas to begin with. Many thanks! Jason Jacobs 3D Plans Elevation Zoom 1 Elevation Zoom 2 Elevation Extents Floor Plan Zoom Floor Plan Extents
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