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  1. Program: Minicad v7 + updates Iam receiving the Error, "Run Time Error!" "Path points to Minicad.exe" abnormal program termination Now i have done some research into the topic, people have suggested to replace the MSVCRT.DLL VB file, upon replacement windows is unable to load and i must revert back to the old .DLL i have also tried the following; Re-install VB files - Failed - "File is currently in use error" Re-Install program - Failed "Same Error" Re-associate vbfiles with reg32 command - Failed "same error" Updated to current version - Failed "same error" "System restore" - Failed I have also tried Microsoft suggestions; support.microsoft.com/kb/192123/EN-US support.microsoft.com/kb/221946/EN-US Which describes updating libraries (including the C runtime) I have also attempted a number of other things with no success; event viewer shows no program failure in logs. Specs; P4 toshiba notebook (Program not too hardware dependant / not an issue) Winxp sp2 - Upto date (most current) Usual programs, Sunjava, adobe, etc... Please note, this is a cleanly formatted machine, there is no spyware / virus infections Any suggustions would be greatful, i have been trying to fix this problem for over a week! Timothy
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