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  1. Actually, upon closer inspection, the count I appear to be getting is the number of group instances of the plant. For example, I use the poly-vertex placement mode to add 3 plants. I added another group of three. Instead of having a count of 6 plants I have a count of 2 plants. Is there a way to correct this?
  2. I am having this same problem. I did the step noted in the last post in this thread and I have the right count on most of my plants but some are still off.
  3. Thanks Katie, that helped. tslattergarden, I was talking about the plant symbols. I did create some myself too which seemed to import just fine.
  4. Hi I can not seem to import the old 12.5 plant symbols into VW 2008. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Thanks, I am downloading stonecad now and checking it out.
  6. I am wondering what other people do to create irregular flagstone patterns for landscape hardscapes. I have looked around all the posts and do not see anything, and have had a really hard time creating my own with the make your own hatch tool, any info would be helpful. Thanks.


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