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  1. By the way, what exactly is 'Quartz Imaging'? And will the fact that I can't use it to rtint to the RIP server be a problem for me in the fututre.
  2. My problem is solved! I needed to turn off 'Quartz Imaging' in VectorWorks 12 preferences. Thanks to Teri Young at Paxar Technologies for finding the solution
  3. On hitting Preview, the drawing is there, although objects, such as outer concrete walls that are filled with a diagonal pattern, now appear as filled solid gray. The spooling and printing problems definitely appear to be related to fills and patterns. When I unfill objects with patterns or remove fillled content from specific layers, I can then print to the Fiery RIP without it hanging.
  4. I am a Mac user printing to a Fiery RIP X2-CP server driving an HP DesignJet 28800CP. I have never had any printing problems with previous versions of VW. I have recently upgraded to VW12 and can no longer print to the HP 2800 Cp. The spool to the Fiery appears to hang and nothing happens. Any suggestions? Don
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