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  1. GENERAL Ability to 'talk' to other packages, e.g. Excel with the ability to import a file, double click on a spreadsheet, edit within Excel and also auto update afterward. Bitmaps too should open in an image editor (e.g photoshop). Is an alternative to Quicktime being investigated? It's just another memory drain. Solve the problem of zooming in on an image/pdf and it goes grey. Ability to apply shadows to 2D symbols like Drop Shadow from layer style in Photoshop, actually all the layer styles from photoshop should be added into the VW. COLOUR Ability to use wand to select colours in sheet view. Custom selection tools to select colours is too complex. Integration of colour palette into ALL colour elements: currently no access from gradients. Ability to copy and enter colours by RGB or CMYK code and palette number. PLANT TOOLS Ability to add plants in a random pattern coupled with the ability to select a list of plants/symbols and add a rate to it like: red grass 30% yellow grass 50% shrub 20% and it auto generates patterns based on the list. This should not be difficult using a poisson random number as a base as is available in statistics programs such as R and S. Create a new tool that keep adding symbols randomly around where the mouse is, like symbol sprayer tools in Adobe Illustrator. We're not fussy - we just want functionality
  2. Embedded images (.jpg) within file fails to print. Some linework also fails to print. We've only had this since moving to VW2008. And it happens ALL the time. What's the solution? Image size is not the issue; images from a few kbs to many megs are treated the same - they don't get printed. And yes we've tried this with GDI on and off. The thing is, the primary reason we moved to 2008 was to get transparency with imagery.
  3. Hi We have a large number of jpg's in several Vectorworks files (version 12) and would like to extract these to enable viewing in a database. How could this be accomplished, a thorough web search has brough up zilch. Any help appreciated. thanks Nigel Cowburn Landscape Architect
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