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  1. Hi.

    The lenght of the path, the distance you travel from one end to the other rises then falls. whereas the width of the path needs to stay levelso not to feel as though you are being tipped off. I hope that makes sense.

  2. Hi All.

    I'm trying to create a walkway through a garden that not only moves from left to right and back to left (like a 'C') but also starts at ground level, rises up in the middle before sloping back down to the ground at the end. Being a walkway the surface needs to be horizontal with the ground. Hope i've explained the shape.

    To make do I have 'extruded up' the plan view shape and then rotated it along its length. This obviously doesn't sort out the problem of the walkway surface being horizontal with the floor.

    I don't like making do and would like to know the correct way to achive this shape.

    Can anyone help and either tell me how to achieve this or point me in the direction of a tutorial.


  3. Hi all.

    Thanks for the info on the kinked line.I think you right about it being a resolution issue.

    Another quick question. How do you turn of the snap to grid? I've been to the Tools - Set grid option and unclicked the boxes.Each time i return to this menu the boxes are ticked again. I've been thought the File-Doc Settings-Doc setup route and the same thing happens.

    Any ideas?


  4. Hi all.

    I'm using vectorworks 12.5 for the first time having come from 10.5. All my 45 degree lines have a kink in the middle which seems to appear/disapear/move depending on the zoom. The other constrained lines, verticle, horizontal and 30 degree are all fine.

    I'm unable to check if the kinks appear when printed as i have no access to a printer at the mo. However i did not have this issue with 10.5. I think i checked all boxs relating to smoothness of line but am i mising something or do i just have to live with it.

    Many thnaks for any info.


  5. Ah, I apologise but i think I have led you off on a tangent. The increase in pixaltion as you zoom in was not my issue. Why the viewport was pixalated at all, when the original drawing on the design layer is fine, was my main problem. I apologise for leading you astray.

    Thanks for all the help and time you put in Katie.

    Much appricated.

  6. The amount i have zoomed in is irrelevent, in the design layer i can view the page at 50% or 2000% and the lines still stay sharp.

    In the viewports viewing the page at 59% is ok, but you can still notice the lines arent as sharp as they could be, but as i zoom in the pixalation gets worse and worse, just like zooming into a adobe photoshop picture.

  7. Design layer - regardless of DPI - viewing full page and using zoom tool creating marque, zooming in, rendered image lines sharp.

    Sheet layer 1 - selection of viewports on page - low dpi - viewing full page - rendered images pixalated - zoom tool creating marque, zooming in - pixalting becomes worse. closer zoom = worse pixalation

    Increase DPI to 300 on sheet layer 1 - viewing full page rendered image much better - zoom tool creating marque, zooming in - pixalation on zoomed in section of rendered image. closer zoom still= worse pixalation.

    it does not get better with the redraw.

    Hope that covers all your questions and is clear.


  8. The sheet layer DPI is 300. Increasing the DPI futher does make a difference when viewing the whole page on the screen. But there is still the massive difference of clarity between the layers when zooming in.

  9. The image does become sharper after putting it through the PDF process. So that solves that problem. Thanks.

    Is there any reason why, when I magnify the exact same image, in the sheet layer its pixalted, like zooming in on a a photoshop image but in the design layer its a sharp line drawing regardless of how much i zoom in.


  10. If i make a pdf from the design layer your first recomendation of upping the dpi works fine, and I get the crisp lines.

    If i print directly from the sheet layer with various viewports that have rendered images, the viewports themselves are pixalted and so is the print.

    I havent tried making a PDF from the sheet layer then printing that pdf. I will try now.

  11. Fantastic nice crisp lines. Thanks.

    Is there a similar setting for the viewports, as when I render a view port i get the pixalted image again. i thought it might just be on the screen but when i print i get the same pixalation as before , before i upped the resoution. At the mo. it is at 300. but the viewports are still pixalated.

    Thanks for any info.

  12. I know I've asked this before but have lost the reply.

    If i get sent a drawing of no particular scale and the drawing has a written dimmension on it, what caluclation do i need to do to figure out the correct scale factor, so I can enlarge/reduce the drawing so the written dimmensions matchs the actual dimmension.

    Example. A tree on a drawing. a written dimension reads diameter 9M. when i actual measure the tree the diameter is 7.335. Is it 9 / 7,335 = no. to scale by?

    I hope this is clear.

    Any ideas please help.

  13. Thanks alan. I look forward to your discovey. I am indeed on a mac and have an inbuilt pdf creator. Yes i'm trying to save the pdf at A2 so I can send it to another office at right scale but large enough for clarity, and they'll print it their end.

    I can print the A2 doc on two bits of A3 as you said, but as you also pointed out some of the drawing is lost due to the margins.

    Thanks again.


  14. I'm not sure actually. There is just an option on the print window, that says create PDF. Does the fact that my printer only prints upto A3 effect what size i can save as a PDF. I'm trying to save an A2 doc.


  15. Okay I lied problem not solved. it seems to take a while to save now which it didnt before, and when I check file size its about 5mb which is about right, but when I open up the file I just have a blank page.

    Any ideas?


  16. Could someone please point me in the direction of a guide on scales and scaling. Especially scaling imported DXF and DWG files from autocad.

    I have very hit and miss sucess at getting it right. I'll set up the new page to the correct scale and paper size, then import the file. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

    At the mo, I've been sent 10 layouts, all on the same page, but all with different scales. Is it possiable to cut and paste in to new files. I tried but failed.

    Thanks for any info and thanks to every one for all the past help.

  17. Afternoon all.

    I have an A3 printer. I have set my VW page up as an A2 page, and the print area matches this. Doc set up says A2 as well. I then print and save as a PDF, The doc seems to be saved, but when I open it up, nothing has been saved.

    I can save the image if in VW i make it 2 A3 pages. but when the pdf is oped it is on two pages.

    Help please.

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