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  1. At our office we have an HP750C plotter that we have had sence December 1995. We stopped useing Macplot when we got VW 8. When we went from MiniCad 7 to VW 8 we couldn't get our dwgs to plot. And we ended up going round and round MacPlot tring to get this fixed and they couldn't figure it out. So we upgraded our plotter with a jet dirrect card, memory and networked it and we are printing with the HP driver that came with the upgrade from HP and now we print through the LaserWritter 8 along with all the other HP printers on the network. Sence then we have boxed up MacPlot and put it into storage. We have better looking prints sence we have swithched and don't have any problems like we did before. And when we have upgraded our programs we don't have any problems printing.
  2. A person in our office is having problems deleteing text. When he goes into a text block and tries to delete text it deletes really slow. He is using an 450MHz Apple G4 Cube w/ 320MB of ram and has VW 9.0.1 installed. We have VW 9.0.1 installed on our other computers which are 400MHz Power MAC G4's w/ 320MB of ram in them as well and have no problems deleteing text. So I was wondering if anbody else is using VW on a G4 Cube.
  3. When you convert back to VW 8.5.2 the arrow heads get all screwed up. Is there an easy fix to that our do you have to go in and redo all of the arrow heads? We use arc with arrow heads for our leaders. When we open the converted drawing in VW 8.5.2 the arcs are in the right place but the arrow heads are not on the end of the arc. The only way that we have found to fix it is to delete the old arcs and draw new ones. [This message has been edited by Paul Hay (edited 09-04-2001).]
  4. We just got VW 9.0.1 and we are not please with its performance so far. For a new and improved program it doesn't compared to VW 8.5.2. We have noticed that when we open a VW 8.5.2 drawing and convert it into VW 9 our line weights print out a little heavier than they did in VW 8.5.2. We are currently using all Apple G4's, HP DesignJet 750C plotter, HP 5000N Laser and an old Apple LaserWritter II all networked. When we print to the lasers it comes out fine so far.
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