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  1. I've heard Quicktime 7 won't be working on Lion so QT VR export will be over. Is this correct?

    I have created a backup drive, using Super Duper and updated it to Lion.

    I have exported from 2010 to Artlantis Studio & a created a QTVR

    By default it opened in QT7, when I tried to open in QT10 it said to use QT7!!

    The file runs fine.

  2. Hi Jeffrey,

    A problem that someone has reported to me, using Xp & 2008 SP3 is that the data bar refuses any additional entries after the first one, ie you can tab the length, and tab again for angle, nothing happens.

    Have you seen this problem before?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Although Steve Jobs other board position at Disney, through the sale of Pixar, means 3D animation is close to his heart.

    I heard a couple of years back of Apple's interest in the 3d market sector, but it seems this has not been developed as far as their own software branding.

  4. I have a license of VW 2008 Designer with RenderWorks (Mac platform). I've been informed that I need to upgrade to the latest version ($500) in order to switch platforms from Mac to PC

    Who has informed you that you need to pay to switch platforms, VW2008 is not platform dependent. You should be able to install on either platform. This is certainly the case in Europe.

  5. I tried it three times, but SP2 update for 2009 is not installing - at least, in "about VW", it still shows SP1 build 96841.

    Tried rebooting my mac, tried downloading SP2 twice from VW.

    Never had problems with this before.

    NNA, please help...

    Are you running either Educational version or another E series?

  6. Has anyone got VW11.5.1 running on OS X 10.5? It runs but there are serious graphics problems (there appears to be a pixel pattern over the whole drawing window).

    I say this because we have 7 licenses and two new Leopard machines that can now not run 11.5.

    I know an upgrade would 'fix' the issue, but at the moment buying 7 2009 license upgrades isn't an option. In fact... that may not even be the solution as I have a 2009 demo DVD that has other really bad display problems.

    One solution is to buy VMWare and run 10.4.11 on that then you can run 11.5 on the old style interface.

    But really the benefit of upgrading to 2009 will far outweigh what you can produce on 11.5

  7. I have noticed a number of forum members live in my 'region' and offer training.

    My question is diverse, from - how do you (I) evaluate/select a trainer, to - what does it cost, how is it conducted, would/could training be 'tailored' to my experience and needs?

    Guessing this is a concise start. Thank you.

    This would be a good time for Nemetschek to validate trainers, so that there is a recognised certification process.

    It would also make it easier for users to brush up on their skills.

    There must be some ISO accreditation that could be achieved which is good for users and their clients.

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