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  1. I have the latest VW update installed on my Mac G4 450 but VectorWorks will not launch by doubling clicking a VW file on my desktop...I used to be able to do this in previous versions. Now it gives the message... can't find application program. Any ideas? Dane
  2. Hello Thomas, I just received a CD from Owens Corning called StoneCAD. I believe it was intende for users fo ArchiCad. I havn't tried it yet as I design for the Tradeshow Exhibit industry. You could give them a call @1-800-255-1727 or check out their website @www.culturedstone.com Good luck Dane
  3. Thanks for the help. The patch worked great Dane
  4. I just bought a Mac G4 450 MP and everytime I try to use Artlantis Renderer I Freeze up? Is anyone having the same problems, or have a fix? HELP! Dane
  5. Hello everyone, I should have been more complete with my explanation on resolution. Yes it's true you do not gain anything by just increasing resolution. But what I do to have higher quality images is render a larger image in Artlantis, increase the resolution in Photoshop and than reduce the image size. Artlantis renders all images @ 72dpi. I started using Artlantis because of it's simplicity compared to the complexity of Strata 3D, and at the time Graphsoft hadn't worked all the bugs out of Renderworks. I havn't had the oportunity to try it. At times I do find Artlantis's lighting effects restrictive. Especially if I'm trying to do small low voltage light effects. It also get's tricky when my surfaces are white or lightcolors they get washed out with to much light but are to grey with less! Enjoying the correspondence! Dane
  6. Hi Scott, I have run into the same anomolie. I'm not sure why it happens but to eliminate the problem I do trouble subtractions in a separate drawing (you could also use a separate layer) and just copy my final part and paste it in my working drawing. Dane
  7. I forgot to mention you need to increase the resolution in Photoshop. Dane
  8. Hi Dieter, I just wanted to share my expierience with Artlanis Renderer. I have been using it for about 6 months. Previously I was doing my renderings in Strata 3D. Artlantis is a very easy to learn program, and a fast way to apply color and textures. When I'm in need of a special texture I just scan a sample of the material and make a seamless fill of the texture in Photoshop. You can save the image as a .pict or .gif file click apply texture within Artlantis and browse to your saved image file. I work as a Designer, I design Industrial Tradeshow Exhibits. Artlantis is great for applying graphics to my designs as the images will wrap and scale around curved forms. As far as Artlantis having small images if you are in need of a larger rendering simply scroll down in the image size dropdown menu. Your options range from 400x400 pixels up to 3,072x2,048 pixels at 72 dpi. After rendering is complete you can bump up the resolution to 150 for very high quality output on a jet printer. As you stated lighting is paramount. I seem to spend most of my rendering time tweeking the lights positioning , color, etc. Good Rendering wishes to all. I just found this site today, it's nice to have a place to go for reference and help in Vectorworks. Sincerely, Dane
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