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  1. I'm trying to backlight a milk plex graphic panel so it looks like it's glowing. Unforturnately once i turn the panel into a light, it loses its texture. So i made an area light the exact same size as the panel, and moved it behind the panel a couple mm, and made the graphic panel translucent. I'm not getting the results i expect. The graphic looks like there is no light behind it at all. Does anyone know a better way? I've tried the building a light box behind the panel trick, but the reason i got VW12 was so that i wouldn't have to do that anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -scott
  2. but when you use translucency, can't you see through the sheet? which shader are you using?
  3. thanks a lot, i found out that i had a gray fill selected on the object, so it showed instead of the white. DDDesign, tell me more about your idea. i design tradeshow exhibits and we are always backlighting graphics. I can't seem to get it right in Renderworks. I tried to put a point light behind it and use the plastic translucency shader, or just make it semi-transparent, but it's not working quite right. If anyone has any good way please let me know. -scott
  4. I'm trying to backlight a plexiglass header using the constant reflectivity shader, with the texture set not to cast or receive any shadows. when I render it, the the texture is not bright like it's supposed to be, but looks like it has no reflectivity shader at all...just regular dingy gray instead of bright white. does anyone know what could be causing this problem? -scott
  5. when i print, only the active sheet layer will print. even when i select print all pages in the print dialog box, it will print only the active sheet layer. save to pdf creates a one page pdf document too. I'm running OS 10.3.9 and VW 11.0.1. I just ran software update, so i'm thinking maybe there is a bug somewhere... thanks -scott


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