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  1. Thanks, That worked. Its strange that it will not save in the same file location were the original vectorworks file is in and its the same hard drive. But anyhow thanks again.
  2. Trying to create a solar animation (simple blocks). It give me an error "error: create movie file failed. I have done this before when I had a powerbook G4, now I have an macbook pro. Is this incompatibility problem ??? Anyone has this problem ?
  3. I will do a entire system check when I have a chance, for now I have to many deadline to meet. Beside I could always downgrade to R13/LT95. I will keep you inform and thanks for all your help. amante.design@telus.net
  4. oops, I must have press a command key when I was doing the screen shot. sorry...but the intention is the same.
  5. Here are files see what you can do with it. and thanks for helping out on this, will probably reinstall when I have chance in next couple of days.
  6. It is immediate. How do I attached export setting?
  7. You think so, here is the screen shot /Users/rigornerpio/Desktop/dwg export problem.png
  8. Many times...Did you received my file I sent to you?
  9. yes I did and nothing came up...
  10. I have and I upgraded to 12.5.3 still the same. I will have to reinstall???
  11. Now to think of it, I have upgrade the ram on my Powerbook G4 17" 1.67ghz to 2gb of memory. About a month ago...
  12. Katie The error message is exact and directly from vectorworks 12.5.2. And I have done disk utility about 3 weeks ago. This just came up today and I have been exporting file in the last few months. I will send a copy this file that I have been working on, but what would it make any difference if a simple line or rectangle is exported and not work?
  13. Well I could not wait for the 12.5.3 to download (busy Server, taking little over an hour to download for 85mb) I tried something else that worked for me. I downgrade version to 13/LT95 and presto it work. Must be something about R14 and up that is causing it. Any thought on this Katie????


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