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  1. HI I'm creating a set of symbols which are extruded profiles and come in standard lengths. But I would like to create a symbol in which I can type in a custom length (simular to the shape tab on the door symbol). This would be my custom length symbol. I just don't know where to start and have no knowledge of vectorscript, although I've been using vectorworks for about six years since mincad. I'm now on vectorworks 10.5 Thansk for any help you can give Cheers AdamB
  2. Hi I'm exporting from vectorworks 10.5.0 to C4D and have been work with this method for a while, but my main draw back is curved objects. All my prefs in Vectorworks 3D and 2D are set to very high, but when the model is export to C4D all curved surfaces are quite octagonal. is there any settings i'm missing. By the way, I just check a recent export and all curved / circular objects have 22side to make up the shape. Any clues?
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