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  1. When using Batch Print in the latest version of V12.0.1 on a MAC running OS 10.4.6.... it prints the first page just fine....but as it is sending the remaining pages....(page 2, page 3, page 4, etc...).....I get an error message for each attempt to send a page: "Printing Manager ERROR-108" Can someone tell me what this error message means? This happens in multiple files on multiple occasions. thank you!
  2. Does anybody know a better way to use the File/Date stamp system? After talking with Tech support today I was made aware that it does not do a live update. You have to manually replace the file each time you want to print. This isn't exactly what I had in mind. What do others use? They mentioned perhaps a macro or something that can be imbedded into the file? Any Ideas? Thanks, Patrick
  3. That was my first guess too, so I already tried that....but got nothing!......anything else it might be??? thanks, PM
  4. I keep trying to place symbols and they will disappear as soon as I place them and orient them to the page. I am trying to place a structural shape (wide flange to be exact). If I place it it disappears, then I go to select different "W" shapes and nothing happens. However, if I select "custom size" the symbol appears while I am editing the dimensions. That tells me it is there.....somewhere. WHERE DOES IT GO AND HOW CAN I SEE IT AGAIN??? thanks, PM
  5. Running Quicktime 6.5.2....... I went into the class pull-down and manual turned each class on....It lets me place the symbol, but then it disappears. I can't bring it up with 'select all', but I can see the last one I placed by checking "custom size" in the object info palette..... is this weird or what??? thanks, PM


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