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  1. Can someone help me with this please, UK CU and STEM distributers have failed me. My new XP SP1 won't see my parallel or USB Dongle. In the past I have run VW 9.5.1 using NT and a parallel dongle on several different machines without a problem. As part of a corporate upgrade I recently moved to a dell precission 360 and XP Pro SP1 build 2600. (anyone recognise this yet!). Despite loading HASP 5.12, VW opens in the protected mode and DongleID reports "No Dongle Found". If I return to my previous NT drive on the new machine the parallel dongle is fine, so it would appear that the problem lies with HASP/VW/XP. I was told by CU (UK)that the parallel dongle would not work with XP and that I needed a USB dongle. This I did at the cost of ?70. I was not pleased to find exactly the same problem. My company has recently taken on Solid Edge and the dongles work fine with XP. In the absence of functional VW software I have had to train on this new software. I far prefer VW but this problem has been very costly for us, not to mention the additional ?70 insult. I am strugling to justify continued use of Nemetschek products here. If Nemetschek respons, Please don't just send me a bunch of go-away software updates. I have been there many, many times before. To further justify Nemetschek here, I need to see a structured logical and technically informed approach to the problem. After all you are supposed to be the experts, I have tried everyone else. This is my last port of call. Regards Andy Powell A very disillusioned user


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