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  1. Did you get the file?
  2. Katie, I have a blank document to the scale I want. I import a .dxf. Click OK for Import Options. Click OK for Line Weights. Click OK for Font Mapping. It reports that it is reading entities and at around 15,000 of 28,000- There is a brief hesitation and VW drops away. I get an error message that VW has quit and no other programs were effected with a question if I'd like to report the problem to Apple.
  3. I get a dialog box for reporting the problem to Apple.VW leaves with out a peep,
  4. I'm using VW10 on a G4 Mac. All of the sudden I'm getting only part way through importing a dxf or dwg file and the program crashes. It was working fine before. What changed ? How can I get my ability back?
  5. Liek


    JHEArcht, Does PDF995 work on your Mac?
  6. Liek


    JHEarcht, I'll try that one.
  7. Liek


    alanmac, Well, . . . text loses its rotation, some fonts change, fill patterns lighten up and almost disappear, thin lines turn grey, the sheet formatting drops away and the resolution changes such that curves become jagged series of straight lines. Maybe I'm doing something wrong out of inexperience with Adobe or these drawings are over complicated for Adobe. This file is 5MG in Vectorworks. Katie, I'll check those. Thanks.
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    Katie, Thanks, that adds a new wrinkle. I'm finding that changing my drawing to either .pdf or .ps files makes significant changes in the drawing's appearance. What is the costly software that would allow me to make a .plt file that I could send the print service? I'm weighing the cost of software versus the cost of owning a plotter versus the cost of $20/sheet as opposed to $4/sheet.
  9. Katie-- Just give up the information! We want to create a.plt file. We want to save a .plt file. We want to open a .plt file. We want to print a .plt file. But I need to know How to create a .plt file in VW10 on OSX. LIek [ 12-10-2004, 03:34 PM: Message edited by: Liek ]
  10. Liek


    MY printer wants me to send him .plt files to print. I'm using VW10 on a G4 Mac. He's downtown at ABC with his huge HP plotter. How can I create the .plt files that he likes? He makes it sound like VW is out of the loop. I understand AutoCad has a choice of printing .plt files straight out of the program. Liek


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