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  1. Hello, We have several vectorworks spotlight license in our company. I would like to purchase a design suite license. Will the files created be compatible between the spotlight and design suite licenses ? Is it possible to work with different licenses on a file hosted on the cloud or a server ? Thanks
  2. Thank you very much but still simple geometry speakers with a symbol when re-built... I think it's a binding problem between Symbol and Catalog/Library ? I continue my research Thanks again
  3. Nothing... Here is the file if someone can try ? Thanks Array test.vwx
  4. Thanks you very much for your support ! Try a lots of symbols, make my own symbols (no catalog record) but it doesn't work anyway, still "simple" geometry 🤯 Work with speaker tool only Here is some screenshot Maybe I need to delete files in the library ? I don't give up Thanks
  5. Thanks Klinzey, I import a symbol source and it displays it well in the speaker array tools but when I insert the speakers in the drawing I have a simple geometry speaker ? I don't understand where is the option? Thanks
  6. Hello, I have Vwx 2022 on Monterey 12.4 When I insert a symbol with the speaker array tool I always have a simple geometry at the end. How to have the complete symbol on an array ? Thanks
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