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  1. I know the question above is really kind of stupid, but I was just trying to save time and steps, rather than having to do another build since this machine is cleaned and loaded with software. I just wondered if it would hurt anything?
  2. Thanks Katie, My bad. I am used to installing single copies and completely neglected the network admin software. It is up and running now. Next question, if this computer is set as the image for the lab for re-imaging mac computers will it have any adverse reactions when the other computers are imaged? In other words if the netwark admin software pops up on more than one computer will it still work or will it create confusion for the software or dongle? Michael
  3. I have the same problem that was reported on July 28th, didn't see a posted answer. Installed the V11 program and the dongle, but it can't find it. Loaded the updated driver for it, but it still can't find the dongle. Any idea how he solved this problem?


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