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  1. I've seen a few references to this problem, but haven't found a definitive answer that works. We have a user on a Windows 2000 machine using VectorWorks 10. He can print most of his VW files to our HP DesignJet 500 apart from 1. This 1 file contains an imported bitmap image. The print job appears to start being sent to the printer, but then disappears with no error message. Incidentally, 2 jobs are sent but I hope we'll be able to soft this by ticking the 'One Page' tickbox. I've upgraded the printer drivers, deleted and reinstalled the printer. We've tried ticking the 'Enable Special processing for trasnparent color bitmaps' box, but this didn't have any effect. The same file will print to another non-HP printer. Anything else we can try? Thanks, Nicola
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