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  1. That looks really interesting - I knew that there would be at least one way to do it! I've not played with displacement maps before, so I'll have a go and see how it sits - thank you!
  2. Wall hole components is new to me, but I'll take a look and I still need to get my head around proper setup of symbols. I'm just glad that there's a way even if it might take some playing around to get to it! As for the construction, it will be a wood based backing board before applying lime render, so as you say it will very much be hand sculpted. I want to go for soft, broken edges, but not too far or it becomes a bit 'funhouse mirror'! I have lots to learn still!
  3. That looks superb @Tom W., just the type of thing I was looking for! I'm on 2020 Architect at the moment and using the Wall tool, but the opening tool is out of my reach with my version, but if I can at least get the external corners of the building to look a bit less polished that would be great. I'll go off and review the thread you've mentioned, thank you! I should have said, this is a new build. 🙂
  4. Thanks for the response. Can you elaborate a little about how you might approach this? I also have some external corners on the walls that are 90˚, but again at the moment they look razor sharp, would this need the same approach as you are suggesting for the openings?
  5. Hello all, I am looking for a bit of advice on a project. I'm slowly edging my way into more 3D work, but need to show a house with a more rustic render finish to the edges and openings. Something like the attached would be great if it's not a real pain to do as it just looks far too 'crisp' at the moment! Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction? Thank you, David
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