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  1. Hi Everyone, Wanted to know if any progress in Vectorworks to Rhino Export : VW Classes Export as Rhino Layers Option? Thanks
  2. Very cool markdd, wow! Total envy but in a good way congratulations!
  3. Hi jblock, no the issue does not change if restart my computer with only MacBook Pro monitor and do not add my second monitor. The issue persists.
  4. I truly believe this is a VectorWorks software issue compatibility problem. I do think that Apple changed something with the windows and save windows code that affected the VectorWorks software. But it cannot be that to solve this issue I have to buy a new Mac computer with M1 chip.
  5. Thank you markdd, definitely that was one of my questions if it was working with the M1 chips better than it's working with the Intel chips and the new software OS version Monterey. Do you have a normal M1 of a M1 Pro or Max?
  6. Thank you jbock for your link. But in the link you sent it talks that the issue disappears after the person removes the second monitor as he calls it Sidecar using an iPad. With Vectorworks this issue does not is not solved by removing the second monitor. With VW technical support I have put in Vectorworks 2021 in 2022 software twice already which as you know is an issue because it puts everything back to factory settings which takes a lot of time to set up back as one likes. And when again I called VW technical support yesterday I was asked again to remove VW and again Vectorworks 2021 in 2022, that is when I said this is not working.
  7. The issue has come up with this new version of Mac OS Monterey both with VW 2021 and 2022. One cannot Save drawings, nor "Save As", or open via VW drawings through VW as Save Window or does not appear or if it does its 3 feet (90cm) wide, making the work flow extremely hard. This issue seems to affect more the setups that have two monitors, which I believe is a common architectural setup. : ( Like always VW técncial support has been very helpful but says its an Apple Mac OS Monterey issue, Apple says its a specific VW issue. Typical Catch 22 problem. Has anyone seen this issue with Mac OS Monterey and VW 2021 or 2022. I thought VW 2022 was Mac OS native, therefore we wouldn't not have issues but I am having issues. And if the VW 2022 has issues with Mac OS Monterey does this mean one cannot buy the new M1 Mac Chip Pro machines. Please help !
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