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  1. Hi Matt, that did 'the trick', for both the swing direction as for the hatches. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi, see attached. To the left the groundfloor, with only 2 doors indicating the swing of the doors. The first floor to the right though shows the other swinging doors. The barn doors do not show at all. I think I tried everything: changed graphic options in the settings of the doors, tried all options in the settings on the presentation layer with cutting height, visibility of items below, etc. On the design layer all swings do show, see last attached file. Also I am struggling with showing hatches for the doors instead of color, see detailed screenshot. the door to the toilet shows only an outline, other doors show wood or steel, but not the hatches as indicated in the graphic setting. On the design layer the doors show differently...see last attached file.
  3. Hi, strange thing happening: In my 2D plan/ top view I see the graphic indication of the door openings. In my presentation layer floorplan (horizontal section view) they are not visible. They do show up in the presentation layer when I move the section above the top of the doors. (As if the graphic indication is shown on the top of the door, instead of on the bottom of the floor.) What to do?
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