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  1. I have VW 2009 and want to add some crispness to the edges of shapes while also rendering tones, shadows, etc. It would be essentially a rendered wireframe image. This can be done in Sketch-Up nicely and is useful for legibility. Is there a setting that allows RW to do it? I'm using a Mac Pro with Leopard. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Technique worked like a charm. I appreciate your help.
  3. I am building a 3-D model in VW 2008 Designer and want to include vehicles from the resource files. The overall shapes are fine, but the colors of the items are awful in my compositions. I prefer a much more neutral palette for entourage . . . less cartoon-y. Can I change the colors of stock items? If so, how? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Cad . . . Thanks for the help! I didn't know what OIP meant and how to find the other items. Really appreciate your time and knowledge. Ed
  5. I'm building an architectural model in VW 2008 using brick as an exterior material. When I started the model, the "Brick" texture from the Resource Browser was running in the correct direction, as a horizontal running bond. Now the pattern has rotated 90 degrees to run vertically. How can I control the direction? I read the recent post on wood grain orientation but couldn't understand the suggestions. I'm a near beginner, so am not aware of a lot of the details of how to make things work. Thanks in advance!
  6. I am using VW 2008 Designer and can't find graphic items to use in my drawings . . . such as cars, trucks, trees, people, etc. Are these built into the library? If not, what are sources to acquire the best images, profiles, etc? Thanks in advance. Ed in Dallas
  7. I would like to systematize the callouts on my construction drawings. A friend using AutoCAD set up such a system and I'l like to adopt something like it. Instead of the descriptive callout, I want to use a number, like "01.2.5", which is the first column on a DB on the sheet. The second column will have the descriptions of the materials, etc. corresponding to each numerical entry. That way the callouts are short, and are keyed back to the DB for elaboration. How can I do this? I've read my Architect Training Handbook and the help files and can't seem to find a way to specifically do this. Perhaps I'm overlooking something; it often happens! Using VW 2008 SP3 for Mac. Thanks.
  8. This is a small issue. Since installing Service Pack 3, whenever I open a specific 2-D file the default drawing rendering style is Rough Sketch, a style I've never used. It's easy enough to change it to the preferred No Sketch each time. How do I change the DEFAULT preference to NO SKETCH? Thanks, Ed -------------------
  9. I didn't have this same problem but another one involving classes. The tech on this board suggesting downloading and installing Service Pack 3. This cured my problem and might help yours. Ed
  10. Donne Martin's suggestion to install the latest Service Pack (3) from the Nemetschek web site solved my posted problem. I feel stupid for not checking new downloads on my own! Thanks to NNA for really timely and accurate support via the tech forums.
  11. Eduardo, Have you tried reinstalling VW 2008? Thanks for the help! Good luck; let me know if you find a solution. Ed (Edward)
  12. A very strange thing is happening in VW 2008 on my laptop (MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM, OS 10.5.3). Whenever I work in the CLASSES list on any of several different files, the program crashes . . . closes and asks if I wish to relaunch. This occurs when I try to select CLASSES from LAYERS or other category. I can't add or edit the Classes. No other function, so far, seems to have this effect; everything else is working fine, including rendering, etc. Normally I run VW 2008 on a Mac Pro at my office with no problems. In fact I've never had this problem on the MacBook before. I'd try to reinstall the application but I'm in Spain and the disk is at home in Dallas! Any ideas about what's wrong, how it could be fixed, or any work-arounds? Thanks. Ed
  13. Thanks for your help. I'll try these techniques.
  14. I'm building an architectural model in VW 2008 and need to apply 'paint' to various flat planes of 3D objects. Is this possible (as it is in SketchUp)? If so, how does one do it? Or, do I need to make very thin solids and 'glue' them on the surface of the larger solid? Thanks in advance!
  15. I'm trying to learn how to create a simple 'Materials Key' listed next to a sequence of numbers or letters on a sheet, AND THEN link those numbers or letters to Callouts on the sheet. So far, I haven't been able to understand the sections under "Help" that lets one relate databases to callouts. Where might I find a clearer explanation? Using Mac OS 10.5. Thanks in advance.
  16. quote: Originally posted by Janis Kent: What you need to do is force a screen redraw. Do this by double-clicking the Pan tool, or by selecting the Pan tool & clicking once on the drawing window. --------- Ms. Kent, Thank you for the replies to my questions. I'll get the book. Since you are the author of highly recommended manuals, I should address my comments given to a previous respondent to you. You should write a step-by-step, well illustrated book on rendering and lighting and perhaps animation. Perhaps a bit like the best Photoshop manuals, that take you through the process of each major move and build confidence as well as teach. This is important for anyone to get better. As an architecture educator I know how difficult it is for students to get to the point that VectorWorks arrives at quickly. And nothing makes people want to buy or use a tool like seeing what a peer has made with it. So I'd suggest a RenderWorks, etc, manual lose the clunky mini-mansions and bad kitchens as examples. A group of students from good architecture or product design schools, given VectorWorks as a starting point could make very sexy and interesting images.....from historical reconstructions to furniture to landscapes to suggestive new environments. Thanks again for your help on the bulletin board. Edward M. Baum FAIA Architect
  17. Several of my 3-D drawings contain the spurious images of prismatic elements and fragments--lines and polygons--that were the by-products of previous operations. They cannot be 'Selected' with the mouse or the 'Select All' command. Yet they are rendered as if they were 'real'. How do I get rid of these phantom elements? Thanks in advance. Ed in Dallas ------------------ Edward M. Baum
  18. I'm looking for a table of any keyboard shortcuts that may be built into VectorWorks 8.5 (Mac). In particular, are there equivalents to "Command-5" for other views besides "Plan"? Is there a keyboard shortcut to "Duplicate Array", a command I use all the time? Is there a simple way within the program to assign new commands? Thanks! ------------------ Edward M. Baum
  19. As a former Form.Z user who loves VW, I miss the option of saving different views--perspective settings, attitude, etc--while I'm working. Currently I have to go back and reconstruct each view after I make mychanges in orthographic projection. Am I missing something? I hope so. Thanks, ------------------ Edward M. Baum
  20. I'm delighted with VW in general, and am mastering Renderworks. But I sorely miss a decent manual and step-by-step guide that takes me through topics like lighting, materials, transparency, etc. The manual that came with the software is very skimpy the farther it goes into the program. Is there any really good third-party manual with examples? I've noticed the CD collection, but really need only the RW item, not the $200+ package. Any sources or ideas? Thanks Ed in Dallas ------------------ Edward M. Baum
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