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  1. How can I add room number (as a column) to door schedule. I have tried =(Space.Number), but it comes up as zero.
  2. Thanks. I have done what you have written, but it is not showing up in my OIP. I want to have a field for Door Type, I'm not planning on upgrading right now.
  3. I'm trying to add a new parameter to the my door vectorscript plug-in. I have created it as Name: DoorType, Alternate Name:__Door TYPE, Type: Text. It will not appear in the in door data area. Please help. Thanks Chris
  4. Is there a way to import an excel worksheet into vectorworks (besides copy and paste). I have tried using import worksheet but no luck. Please help. Thanks Chris cevans@dsidesignconstruction.com
  5. I'm a big fan of the notes manager. I add to it often. How can I get the text to be in all caps. I have tried doing within the notes manager and after the notes have been created and place on my drawing. Maybe this a wish list item. Any thoughts? thanks Chris
  6. I just stated a new project, a renovation of an existing space. I can't figure out why I can't move a door or window to a different class such as A-DEMO. When I created a window it automatically goes in the A-GLAZ class. I would like to get it to the A-DEMO. Any thoughts? This has never been a problem in the past. Thanks.
  7. I would nice be able to add door types within the storefront tool. Thanks
  8. The storefront tool works well, but is there a way to integrate a door; simple swing or double door when using the the storefront tool. Any ideas? Thanks Chris
  9. I'm wondering if there is way to add a window or door tag without it being on the schedule. For example. I have 10 (W-01) windows that all have the same properties but i only need it to show up on the schedule once. Any thoughts? Or is this a wish list item. Or do i do it the old school way. Thanks Chris
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