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  1. So we have about 8 2013 mac pros with upgraded Ram to 32gb.. Client said that VW has been sluggish. so i decided to try an EGPU, purchased a 6600xt setup the EGPU , works, no issues, right clicked on major apps, "prefer EGPU" open VW and a file, Activity monitor shows 1% gpu usage of the 6600xt. this was taken off the VW website " In general, the more powerful your graphics card is, the better your Vectorworks experience will be." so why is the CPU doing all the work when i have. pretty decent (much better than the 2g stock GPU) graphics card? From google searches windows has an option to use GPU instead of CPU, but i can not find anything on the Mac version. anyone have any tips? 2020 is the version most are using, some are 2021.. also i think the sluggishness was from Unreal engine or another app, that has something to do with a kitchen or stove in the name.. (im having a brain fart)
  2. Can anyone give me a benchmark comparison about the new M1 Max chip, vs a base Macpro trashcans with 32gb ram. ? I have a few clients who are looking to upgrade, right now the majority of them are all on macpro trashcans and few have cheese grater.. I know the new M1s are not out yet, but based on stats and specs, can anyone say if these will have enough GPU power to render VW for architectural work? Thanks!
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