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  1. I just updated to latest 2022 build SP1.1 619242. The issue of a freezing menu is still not fixed on my MBP 16" Intel i9. As with the previous build, if you close the clamshell and reopen it, the problem seems to go away. Everyone who is having other issues should try to do the same.
  2. One update on the usability of VW 2022 with Monterey 12. I had VW open with a drawing up. I closed my MBP. Reopened the clamshell. Used the touchID to re-enable the computer. Now the menu is responsive again. Seems to work fine as long as the computer is closed and reopened.
  3. BTW, I have been using 2022 for weeks now under Monterey. First time this has happened to me.
  4. Recently updated to Monterey 12 and it has killed the main menu on VW2022 latest version. I'm running it on a MP16 2019 2.3 GHz i9 with 16 GB memory and Radeon Pro 5500M graphic processor. The app works fine, except for any function that requires the menu. Anyone else?
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