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  1. HAHA Yea I found that out.... as you can tell I'm really wanting my 2022 to work.
  2. I was not able to find "Dell Command Center" at all. I did find "Dell Support Assist" and did disable it but it didn't change anything really, Vectorworks still crashed. I will try and find this "NZXT CAM" and try disabling that and see if that does anything at all. Yeaaa, Not a computer savvy guy, I know some stuff but not when getting into the Bios and stuff of that nature, not comfortable with that. I do appreciate the idea though.
  3. UPDATE: I went ahead and installed 2022 on my laptop just to have a second machine try and run it and it opens to full screen but when I try and make the window smaller it crashes on that machine as well. Specs: (I remembered this time) Alienware M17 R3 i7 10750 2.6ghz 16gb ram RTX 2070 Not sure if this helps. PS I have not added anything to vwx2022 no files or anything. It is updated. Ryan
  4. Mr. Gunther, Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately that did not work, had the same results. Ryan
  5. Thanks for your reply gentlemen, sorry it has taken so long to get back. I do not run anything extra, no 3rd party apps running at the time. It seems like it might be a resolution issue to me but I very well could be wrong (not a computer guy). Mr. Stanford, you are correct I should have posted my specs. my apologies. See below. I would be surprised if it is my computer, I hope not. Alienware Are-51 R5 I7-9800 @3.8 ghz Overclocked to 4.5+ 32 GB Ram Win 10 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 ti I can open 2022 and do stuff with it it's just when I try to resize it crashes to the desktop. Let me know if that helps. Thanks for taking a look and any help would be good. Ryan
  6. So I just downloaded 2022 and after it opens I try and fit it to screen and it closes its self down. I've tried the full screen box at the top right, and I've tried to drag the bottom corner and it just shuts down all the way out. Looking for advise. Thanks. Ryan
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