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  1. @JustinVH can you reshare that recording? it keeps saying it cant be located
  2. @JustinVH That is EXACTLY what I have been trying to do, except when I attempt to rotate on the X or Y axis, I get a pop up saying that Hybrid Objects can only be rotated on the Z axis, and it gives me no option to strip away the 2d content, which I realistically dont need for my current application anyway. Any suggestions on how to strip away the 2d portion?
  3. Im in 2021 Spotlight. Im trying to load things like GT truss from the Resource Manager, can these items not be manipulated in 3d?
  4. Ok, so if the Hybrid Object DOES include Hybrid Symbols, how can I get rid of them so that I can rotate this truss? I have to assume there is a way. I know there is a way to rotate this truss, I just havent been able to work out how.
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