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  1. Hi @Nina Ivanova , Thanks for responding to my post. I dragged and dropped the dwg files on to my drawing directly form Ideal Standard website. Normally as soon as the notification shows the successful import, I'm taken to the new design layer automatically where I can edit / copy the imported dwg to the design layer I'm working on. If you could take a look at the files that would be greatly appreciated. ASH_DocM_S0684_2DDrwFt_NN.DWG IS_Attitude_A4592_2DDrwRt_NN.DWG IS_Strada_K082101_2DDrwLt_NN.DWG IS_Strada_K082101_2DDrwFt_NN.DWG
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble finding on screen the dwg files that I've imported successfully. Don't see them in design layers and only some are visible as sheet layers. Am I doing something wrong? Using VW2021
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