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  1. I would love to unsubscribe from this thread but unfortunately, there does not appear to be away to do it. When clicking on the link in the email that is sent out you end up on a 404 page!
  2. Cool! I left it running a kept trying periodically and now it just found it, all good!
  3. Doing a Check for Updates does not work for me, it just keeps telling me that I have the current version. I have SP1 installed, is there some other way of getting the SP?
  4. Well we don't all hangout on this forum waiting for someone to tell us something important that should have been sent to us in a more formal manner. Plus the story just does not hold water, how could they know in July that there would be problems with their software when they state that they cannot do anything to their software until Apple is done making changes. Apple was certainly still making changes in this timeframe. I personally don't care one way or another, I just do not like the fact that I pay an annual subscription for a software service that I expect to work with the current OS on my platform of choice, if it is not going to work when released then I should be told up front that is is not compatible. This should have been present in the announcement email that was sent to all users. How hard would it have been to state this upfront. I realize this might have created more angst but at least we would have known. I do development as well as my CAD work so I have to run the latest OS so I can ensure my code works on it. I cannot afford to have a second machine dedicated to VW, and I certainly don't want to run it from an external drive as that would be even worse than the current state of affairs. All I care about is knowing WHEN I WILL be able to run the software on my OS, it is that simple. If I cannot run it now fine, but tell me when I should be able to run it!
  5. It is not the OS that needs to be compatible with VW, but the other way around!
  6. Exactly! None of it makes much sense. The reason there are long BETAS for new versions of the OS is in order to allow developers to make the appropriate changes. Using the excuse that Apple is making changes right to the end does not hold. They are normally making these changes in order to make things better or to eliminate problems that might be impacting your software, so that is a good thing.
  7. Very frustrating experience with VW on the Mac. Sometimes I wonder why I bother other than the fact that I have so much invested in the software that it is hard to walk away. Based on how bad it works on Mojave I have a hard time seeing how it is going to get better very soon, to me it looks like there is a ton of work to do to get it to work. Even really simple things like editing a value in a number field do not work. I cannot imagine that Mojave caused all these problems. As a Mac developer myself I have been using Mojave since day one, sure it had problems but it is solid now. I had very few problems with my code. But I suspect most of the problems with VW come from the fact that it is cross-platform code, hard to make that stuff compatible. We'll see how long it takes till we get something workable, I agree both 2018 and 2019 behave close to the same on Mojave, although 2018 is a little better but not by much.
  8. I don't have very high hopes for their support for Mojave. Yes, it is still in BETA but it is very solid and there are a lot of other companies that seem to have been able to validate their apps against it. VW is always late to the party and that makes it hard for those of us that HAVE to be on Mojave for reasons other than just VW. But I suspect I know what it is not a big focus for them and claiming to be waiting for a final to do the validation just does not fly!
  9. Sorry I don't buy that excuse. Given how badly it performs on Mojave they could have been doing a lot of incremental work to bring it along in lockstep with the OS. Plenty of other developers seem to have managed just fine. Vectorworks is the only app that I have found where the performance and general feel has gotten significantly worse on Mojave. Even 2018 runs a lot better although not very well!
  10. Thanks for the ideas Kevin. I also thought it might be the file so I created a new file with the design and then tried the export from there. I was on the active layer (only one in this case) and it was 3D geometry that was being displayed on the layer. Any other ideas? -Robin
  11. I'm hoping someone can help explain to me why I cannot get VW 2013 to correctly export an IGES file, every time I selected the export of an IGES file all I get is an empty file with ZERO bytes in it. This is extremely annoying as it now looks like I'm going to have to revert to 2012 in order to get a project finished. I have tried working around this by exporting a 3DM file but there are problems with that exporter as well, as the resulting file ends up with some missing surfaces! -Robin
  12. Hi Delmer: Thanks for the tips. I think this is the approach I'm going to take, but I might design the sections in Illustrator and then import them so that I have better control. Thanks to everyone for the all the useful information. --Robin
  13. Hi Mike: I think I could do it this way if there was an easy way to create bezier curves which I have not been able to do very successfully in VW. I have used the bezier smoothing but the amount of control available is crude at best. Now if I had something like the control you have in Illustrator for drawing bezier curves then I could very easily design the sections and then extrude from one section to another. The only problem would be when I go to the tip, which in a side view would be elliptical. - Robin
  14. Hi Mike: Thanks for the information. I have been able to successfully do this with a wing type shape where there is a more distinct shape on each end. But the rudders I want to design a almost elliptical in plan form so there is no way to extrude from one end to another. I guess I'm going to have to delve into NURBS and lofting as that could well be the best approach, Thanks! --Robin
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