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  1. Can you get data visualisation to act on an object inside a symbol based on the record attached to the instance? @markdd I see you solved this another thread, using hatches and fore colour, but I don't seem to be able to get it to work from scratch in my own file. EDIT: I couldn't get this to work with hatches but did with patterns instead (2021 SP4), editing a pattern to make a solid foreground colour. I would love to have the option of two colours, but the background colour affects the background everything in the symbol. Is there any way to force a data record of an object in a symbol to take the entry from the parent symbol instance, or from another record?
  2. @Boh What I meant was that the data tag inserted with the symbol / group didn't take it's data from the instance, but I had to edit the group and then the record attached to object inside the group, with the linked text method inside the symbol, it seems to take it's data from the instance itself. Yes to have to edit the record somewhere, and I could have ungrouped, but I wanted a way to do this with minimum steps. With data visualisation perhaps I could adjust the fill to at least make it look like it was visible or not. I need to get into worksheets in more detail to be honest, so yes that's an avenue I will be looking to go down.
  3. @markdd That didn't quite achieve what I wanted, it either reported the data attached to the contents of the symbol, or I had to open the group after placement and edit the record there. @Boh's method worked for me, in that the linked text reported the record attached to the instance of the symbol placed in the drawing. I've actually ended up with a bit of a hybrid approach, using a data tag inside the symbol to report say, the type of container that is represented inside the symbol, and the linked text to display the contents of each instance placed in the drawing. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov I've had no issue with scaling so far, i've got a data tag inside a symbol, which is a group of shapes and labels. Another thing, is it possible to make text visible or not based on a true / false record attached to a symbol?
  4. Is it possible to pre-place a data tag in a symbol, but have it populate from the record on each instance? For example, say I have a symbol that represents a box, and I have an attached record called "contents", I can add a data tag after dropping the symbol into the drawing and it will display the entered contents, but i'd like to have the data tag pre-placed in the symbol to save the last step? I can have a data tag inside the symbol and have it reference a record attached to the symbol itself, but can't figure out how to reference the record of each instance in the drawing without manually placing the data tag after.
  5. Using 2021 I am having trouble orientating textures applied to the top of a wall...I have discovered that adjusting the settings for the top has no affect, but that it is following the right side. Left and bottom seem to behave independantly and will also follow overall, any ideas? Edit: I had a wall projection attached to the two walls that did this, a third behaved normally with no projections. Is this normal / expected behaviour?
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