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  1. to elaborate, Universal Binaries does not mean you get both the Windows and Mac versions in the same box, it means you get Mac Intel/PPC.

    I doubt NNA is going to give you both Versions, as they don't do that now, do they?

  2. quote:

    Originally posted by quigley:

    The most interesting comment I have seen is that "Apple makes the fastest Windows PCs and laptops"......wouldn't it be ironic if by the time all the apps that need the power (3D modelling, video etc) become Universal Binaries (and we are talking into 2007 for many/most) that users switch to Windows versions...on a Mac....? Many/most dual platform apps offer cross platform licensing. Same codes work on both.

    not in a million years.

  3. well even though I knew my work would not be critiqued and marked for credit I kept going to class for the content, and never got around to switching to audit or dropping it altogether. Lots of people were beavering away at thier drawings and I wanted to see what they came up with.

    So the last class came and people presented. Only a couple were actually finished at the start of the class. Disappointingly the best drawer/draftsmans (doesn't do it justice for the quality of her work) didn't present. Stage fright maybe, or maybe didn't want to share . . .

    most were neither good drawings or good architecture. some poor drawings but interesting simple ordered design. one student utilised the extra space under the stairs for washer and dryer, another had 4 or 5 riser stairway down to a fully below ground level basement. having to produce sections and elevations for the project didn't expose the glaring problems with these ideas.

    A couple students came up with some cool ideas and had great drawings, contemporary and traditional. The student with the best draftsmanship, very beautifully hatched classic drawing, did the most traditional craftsman/arts and crafts style house.

    I had a nice chat with the instructor after and I showed him my "sketches" and he invited me to submit them. I put together the whole thing (plans, elevations, sections etc to fill a Arch D sheet )

    I don't feel bad as very few of the other students had the required work done on time.

    Patiently awaiting my grade.

  4. quote:

    Originally posted by Cbeckwith:

    I am trying to reduce an entire drawing to 11 x 17 format, which has groups embedded in the drawing.

    don't scale the drawing!

    I assume you are working on a 36X24 drawing, just go into

    Page Setup>Scale>50%

    it doesn't change the drawing, it just scales the output to the printer.

  5. I had this problem starting last Friday, any VW file opened from certain folders would result in an error message (this file is corrupted . . .) and then open with big chunks missing. Pretty scary.

    While thinking about it over the weekend, and reading Mareks thread, I didn't clue in that I had a similar problem.

    I checked my disk usage and to my surprise I only had 4 GB free on a 55 GB harddrive. After trashing about 20 GB of files I don't need, OSX went nuts defragmenting the drive and re-indexing it. After that all finished everthing is fine.

    Looking over the drive contents, I found a 5 GB 'Previous Systems' folder created on Friday. I did a system update, it must have created an entirely new system folder and archived the old one.

    Keep your drives less than 75% full. clear out the cruft on a regular basis. watch out for mystery jumps in drive usage.

  6. The architect who is still drawing by hand may have tried using PCs and ACAD 20 years ago and then thrown the whole lot out the studio window.

    The computer/software/userinterface has come a long way since then. Users who were frustrated then may have a different experiance now with a competant tutor. I can't say enough about having a good instructor giving you an introduction to new modern software. Resolve.ca's training courses are well worth it. Why spend thousands on software and not get some training to use it?

    My wife works in the travel industry. Her co. got new software, each staff member got a week of training to use it.

    In VW, the 2D drawing IS the 3D model. You don't have to spend a whole lot of time just to get the benefit of the 3D.

    Learning is a life long process. Surely there have been great changes in materials and processes in architecture and engineering that make constant learning necessary. I am a bit taken aback when I see some professionals complaing about having to complete thier minimal annual skills and or knowledge upgrading.

  7. quote:

    Originally posted by Skot:

    I still have yet to see how veiwports can be a useful tool for what we do. Every demo of viewports that I have seen is done from a 3D model, already prepared ahead of time. We are strictly 2D in my office. I hear everybody raving about viewports being the end-all, be-all, but I just don't get it.

    or to show details at different scales on the same sheet.

    I use 3d to produce elevations. also to do what others are using sketchup for, why do a lot of work in one app then switch to another? What is missing in VW that you can do in SU?

    I know there is heaps of stuff I don't use in VW, perhaps . . .

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