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  1. @Andy Broomell Nice one! I like that too. Thanks for your help everyone, very helpful indeed😀
  2. @jeff prince Thanks that is a quick solution. I am not sure if there was a setting on that door that was the issue as I replaced it and it did the same thing. Changes the style of the door and boom...all working. It is the little things that can drive you insane. Thanks everyone for their help, I am a newbie to the forum and very helpful 🙂
  3. @Cammareri Landscapes @jeff prince OK I did it. Thank you I hit clear and it deleted. It was not working when I hit the delete button. Yay 3D view again
  4. @jeff prince Is this what you mean the small point in the lower left. I cannot seem to select it and delete.
  5. @jeff prince Thanks Jeff, If I zoom to fit I can see the point and when I double click the door settings comes up but I cannot seem to delete. How do I kill it?
  6. @Boh Thank you I really appreciate it. I have attached the file. Would love to know what I have done. 🙂 CL_Teralba_Lot2319_V2.vwx
  7. @Boh I have checked on that after your suggestion and all seems to be saying layer. Is there another area I could have accidently done something similar? It is weird as I can see it as a top and bottom view but no 3D to a side view
  8. Thanks Boh, I have had a look at it and it is saying layer. Is there somewhere else I may have clicked something similar?
  9. Hi I am needing some help as my 3D mode is green only. I was adding a window and after that this? I have an entire plan in 2D here but as soon as I swap to 3D it is green and a grid. If I have my cursor touch the areas it highlights walls in dotted grey outline. Any advice as to what I have done? However, I can see it as a top or bottom view but no side view (green screen is all I see)
  10. I am a VW/LM newbie and just recently started to get this error on my computer and am wondering do I need to update my memory or is it an error from something else? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qiuJrvC3pRCH5977gK_rsWJfW0Z9WXx4/view?usp=sharing
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