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  1. I apologize if this question is somewhere in this troubleshooting forum, I couldn't figure out how to search it. Forewarning, I know next to nothing about Vectorworks and my network knowledge is limited. I have inherited the Mac Management on our college campus and we are having issues with Vectorworks 2018. Upon launch, it typically crashes. When it doesn't, we attempt to login with find the server automatically and it says that it can't find a server. We use the dongle method for licensing, and all systems are "go" for the dongle. I can connect to localhost:5053 on the server and connect to the Sentinel Admin Control Center. It recognizes our Sentinel Key with Vendor information and Key ID. I have verified the license file is in the correct folder and the number matches our Serial Number. The computer lab is on the same network as the lab. I am at a loss. Can someone with a better working knowledge of VW help a newbie out?
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