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  1. For instance, i made a test with a point PIO. The custom mode bar elements are not visible at the first call of the tool. They only appear at the second time the tool is used. Someone knows which is the value of vsoGetEventInfo that refers to modebar button action ?
  2. Thank you for those usefull explanations. Now I understand better the behavior of this type of objects.
  3. Hello Thanks to Charles Chandler's great post about extended properties of objects Events, i begin to manage with it. http://www.vectorlab.info/index.php?title=Events Now i have a lot of questions about this ! Documentation is missing. Somebody knows how mode bar buttons or radio can be added and used in tools or PIOs ? I could make them appear in the mode bar with vstAddButtonMode and vstAddRadioMode (not always), but i can't retrieve info from them. How vstGetModeValue can be used ? An Event must be called ?
  4. It doesn't work if the bitmap is rotated. It sounds like the angle must be 0
  5. Thanks for advices. I finally made it. 2 conditions seems to be necessary to make it work properly : 1- the image must be in a group (it can be alone in it) 2- Redraw or resetobject this one works : PROCEDURE scale; VAR ppX,ppY:REAL; photo:HANDLE; BEGIN GetPt(ppX, ppY); photo:=PickObject(ppX, ppY); SetSelect(photo); group; HScale2D(FSActLayer,0,0,2,2,TRUE); ResetObject(photo); END; run(scale);
  6. scale works, you're right, thanks i had only a selection problem. the problem is i would like to make an homothecy from a referenced point, like "Hscale2D" should do... but it doesn't seem to work.
  7. Hello In a I would like to perform a scaling operation on an imported bitmap object. but "Hscale2D" doesn't work on it. "scale" doesn't either. Someboby knows a way to do that in a script ? I am still using version 12.5.3 of VW Thanks
  8. I had the same problem on a PIO I made. I don't know where it comes from. I looks like a little bug... I fixed it also with SetSelect.
  9. You should create a Point Custom Object and define the variables you want to control as parameters. At the end of the script, doFractal(148.5,210,0,148.5,3); becomes : doFractal(Px,Pya,Pyb,Pbreite,Piteration); Is that what you meant ?
  10. I worked on an improved version of the building tool. This PIO displays a fully customizable simplified 2d/3d building which provides areas and useful informations in urban planning. The only thing is that it is still only in french. My intention is to translate it in english before sharing it for a few ? ... But I need help for that. So I am looking for a guy who knows well both french and anglo-american standards to help for a proper conversion. Is anyone interested with this project ?
  11. It would be great if it were possible to customize window models in the parametric windows/doors tool. The predefined ones are too limitative.
  12. Thanks for all your good advices. I don't have it tested yet, but I will soon. For my tool, I already made event-enabled PIO's thanks to the explanations from the wonderfull VCOR site...
  13. Hello, I wonder if it's possible to add parameters a PIO from the script. (control points for exemple). I work on a slope control plugin, a line PIO, on wich I would like to add unlimited intermediate points (it works with one already). Could anyone tell me ?
  14. I managed to do that (draw a double poly on a pathPIO) with the magic OffsetPoly command (hidden in the VWPluginLibraryRoutines.p). It also works in a different way with OffsetHandle
  15. Hello, I tried the trick, and enjoy to find an answer to a very old question of mine. Thanks If you have an idea to solve the problem of unexpected points when the poly is closed, it would be great. I also work on it.


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