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    Originally posted by tibwag:

    Hi --

    I'm new to this list but not new to VW. I started using it in its MiniCad persona at about version 4, so I'm not new at all. However, this upgrade to 11.5.1 is driving me nuts! I don't like it at all! Now i have to admit, I upgraded from 9.2, and I know that's a huge jump, but this is ridiculous. I'm on a Mac powerbook G4, also new, and running OS 10.3, and using a Wacom tablet. Again, I've been using a tablet for years to work with VW, but this isn't a happy combo. VW seems much slower than the old version on my old Mac G3 powerbook (OS 9.2), and it randomly scrolls down the drawing for no reason. I'm also findng the symbols hard to use -- double clicking has to be done more than once to change from one to the next, and editing them is silly. A separate menu for that? And why, when I do edit a symbol, does VW tell me each time I insert the new symbol, that it can't be grouped while in a wall? Help me!

    I'm going to have to google the "Wacom tablet". Any comments on tablet?

    Good luck tibwag [big Grin]



  2. I was working on a drawing that was started on a different machine. The person working on this file was experiencing problems. The drawing would not refresh itself after an object was moved (you have to zoom out to see the results). I thought it his machine, but later I started working on the file and was having the same results.

    any ideas?

    [big Grin]

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    Originally posted by PeterT:

    If you don't use colors in your drawings, as we do not, there is a slick way of doing exactly what you want.

    Activate the document preference for "Use Layer Colors", create a layer link as you have done, and in the "Layers" dialog, set the line color of the layer your link is on to whatever shade of grey you like.

    We do this with excellent results. We have our "Base Plan" layer set to black lines and grey fill, and our "Screened Base" layer (the linked layer) set to grey lines and white fill.

    For the Floor Plan sheet we display the "Base Plan" Layer. For our Foundation Plan, Framing plan, Electrical Plan sheets we display the "Screened Base" layer.

    Once you are using layer colors however, you cannot set individual colors in you drawing. So if you draft a la autocad, with many colors displaying in your drawing, this technique is not for you.

    You can , of course, toggle "Use Layer Colors" on and off to get around this. (i.e. draft in color, then switch to layer colors when you print)

    Thank you for the help. We will give it a try!

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    Originally posted by islandmon:

    And of course you can use the Class Attributes to specify the exact grey color for the lines. When plotting B/W I use variations of red to get the greys.

    Hello islandmon,

    The situation we are having is to make a copy of a plan that is linked to the original plan, and then having the option to gray out the plan. So when changing the original plan you only have to change it once.



  5. We would like copy the floor plan and "gray" the lines, so we can do a framing plan over top of grayed-out plan.

    I tried doing a layer link, but could not get the layer link layer to turn into a gray pattern. We would like the gray plan to update also when the plan changes.

    Is their a better way of doing this?

    hopefully this makes sense. Thank you


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    Originally posted by david bertrand:

    I just received my copy of "VectorWorks by Project," by Smith & Massaccesi. It's a tutorial with a CD and looks excellent. It walks the user step by step through little projects, hopefully teaching us the most efficient way to draw. I'll report more after I've had a chance to study it. It's available from
    for US $34.15 complete.


    what release of VW does the book cover?

    does it cover viewports?


    david p

  7. I have been working on this and have tried a few different things...

    drawing "A" has the correct concrete hatch

    In drawing "B" I go to the Resource Browser and drag & drop the concrete hatch into the drawing. At that point the concrete hatch has already changed. I'm not sure how to fix this problem?

    thanks jfmarch, anymore ideas?


  8. Hello,

    I copied a hatch pattern (concrete) and changed the scale. Now the pattern doesn't look like the original concrete pattern. I believe that it has something to do with the dash factor. Also, when I'm in the edit dialog box of the hatch the preview and the final hatch are different.



  9. quote:

    Originally posted by Kevin:

    I have always used copy/paste to transfer text from my word processor to VW. I use Wordperfect for the Mac, which is no longer made.

    I found that it helps to remove multiple font settings prior to copy. So I simply select all and change all text to one font size, type and style.

    An alternate is to export that file as a text file and then copy that text to VW. The text file export I assume removes the specificity of the wordprocessor program and makes it generic text.

    I avoid using bit map images whenever possible as they are memory hogs and are not editable.

    thanks Kevin-

    the tabs in the original doc are lost with the copy/paste. do you have to adjust all the text?

  10. i'm trying to add some specs to the drawing sheets of a project. the original text is from MicroSoft Word. i started by saving the word document as a PDF, then imported them into VW. OK this works, but i have to send the drawings to the printers as a PDF. the second generation of PDF image makes the resolution of the text unreadable. copy/ paste of the text from Word to VW is a disaster!!! any tricks? [Confused][Confused][Confused][Confused][Confused][Confused]

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