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  1. hello, we use the font type "keedysansreg" for the companys title block. VW doesn't recognize the spacing between words with the quartz imaging on. if i turn off the quartz imaging the spacing returns... any thoughts?
  2. hello, i would like to create a symbol with attributes. sorry for a autocadd term. the symbol is for a finish schedule. thanks, david
  3. thanks MullinRJ & David Bertrand. MullinRJ- We have to send the drawings to the printers as PDF's, so copy/pasting the text makes for a clearer print.
  4. hello We have the specifications written in a word document. Any ideas about importing the text into VW without losing the format? If I copy/paste the text and adjust the tabs, the end result doesn't reflect the spacing when editing the text block. thank you
  5. 11.5 had a drawing log. I can't find it on 12?
  6. does VW12 architect have cedar siding hatch? Thanks for the help!
  7. I have been having a problem with the Batt Insulation. I have a hard time selecting it after it is on the drawing. If I have to move it for some reason I can't select it! this has happen in New files on VW 11.5.1
  8. quote: Originally posted by CipesDesign: Yes, that stone pattern/symbol is quite complex and so it is not surprising that it would take a while. What machine are you working on? PowerPC G4 384 MB DDR sdram i need to upgrade with the ram
  9. pw- i have been having problems also with the trim tool.
  10. quote: Originally posted by CipesDesign: Seems to work fine for me, even with an open polygon. Are you sure you are 1) Selecting symbol first, then going to AEC>TILE? 2) Using a polygon as opposed to a polyline (you can convert a polyline to a polygon with the TOOL>CONVERT TO POLYGON command). Hmm... I think i needed to convert the polyline to polygon, but it was taking to long to tile the stone pattern. maybe it is my machine? thanks Peter
  11. I'm trying to use the Tile command, but i can't produce the results of the example on page 9-7 (architect). if i draw a rectangle the command works, but if i drawn a polygon like the sample it will not work? the symbols of the stone veneer was exactly what i was looking for! it would be great if i could figure out how to use it!
  12. Thanks PeterT & Mike for the tips
  13. i'm looking for a stone veneer hatch. does this come in the Architect package?
  14. quote: Originally posted by PeterT: If you don't use colors in your drawings, as we do not, there is a slick way of doing exactly what you want. Activate the document preference for "Use Layer Colors", create a layer link as you have done, and in the "Layers" dialog, set the line color of the layer your link is on to whatever shade of grey you like. We do this with excellent results. We have our "Base Plan" layer set to black lines and grey fill, and our "Screened Base" layer (the linked layer) set to grey lines and white fill. For the Floor Plan sheet we display the "Base Plan" Layer. For our Foundation Plan, Framing plan, Electrical Plan sheets we display the "Screened Base" layer. Once you are using layer colors however, you cannot set individual colors in you drawing. So if you draft a la autocad, with many colors displaying in your drawing, this technique is not for you. You can , of course, toggle "Use Layer Colors" on and off to get around this. (i.e. draft in color, then switch to layer colors when you print) i have sent up the drawing using the above method, but now the solid fills that are in the viewport annotation disappear.
  15. quote: Originally posted by Katie: Run Disk Utility and see if the problem persists. the problem is persisting...
  16. quote: Originally posted by CipesDesign: David, in the past all of the libraries were automatically loaded into the RB. There got to be too many! Now you can choose which ones you want to be there by going to: RB>FILES & FOLDERS>ADD NEW FAVORITE. Then navigate to the VW 11.5 folder>Object Lib's and then choose which library to add. HTH's Thanks Peter!
  17. Hello, I just upgraded to Archictect VW, and the Resource Browser is not showing any of the Libraries. It will only show 1 library at a time? i'm not a power user yet
  18. quote: Originally posted by jfmarch: the tablet is a powerful tool for us. comes in several sizes and can be proportioned to the screen size of the powerbook through the tablet's utilities. i have found the finger pad a little cramped for me, co the tablet is comfortable and hase better more ntural functions for drawing over the mouse... I checked out the Walcom webpage. I will have to think about this!... Thanks
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