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  1. Thanks Jesse - yes, it really was something so basic! I really appreciate the assist. Cheers Jon
  2. Hey Justin - for a second that gave me hope that it was the 'simple thing' - thank you again, but still no joy. I did wonder if it was that I'm not logged into Vectorworks, but I am, I don't think the software can be used without logging in - auto process on start up?
  3. Thank you Justin - yes, already set up like this unfortunately. Screen shot of resource manager window attached to add detail. I know I'm missing something obvious, but I don't know what.
  4. I'm struggling to get any content in resource manager, all of the folders are empty. Any help gratefully received.
  5. I'm just working through my first 3D BIM project (I've used BIM in 2D before). I've put in my 1st floor 'slab' after I've drawn the first floor walls (in top plan). The wall hatch has changed to no lines and red lines once the floor was in place. Any thoughts welcome. Some before and after top Plan screen shots attached and a view of the model for context. Thanks in advance.
  6. Brilliant! - thank you Zoomer and thank you for staying with me on this. Have a great weekend 🙂
  7. Thanks Zoomer - not worked I'm afraid. I found the control in the orgnaization palette, but it did not effect the properties palette. I can't see anything in VW Preferences that would alter Class Hierarchical display. Thanks for your time even so Jon
  8. Thanks Zoomer, I've tried that one and and just get this - the hierarchical pull out is present on the tiny arrow on the navigation pallet but doesn't seem to be an option on the tiny arrow on the object palette. Confusing for a novice...................
  9. Hello all, I'm trying to change the class of a line from 'wall' to 'stair'. I can do this through object properties apparently, but my target 'stair' class doesn't show up in the object properties window. In fact, object properties 'classes' menu looks nothing like my navigation 'classes' menu. See attached screen shot. The question, then, how do I make the object classes menu look like the navigation classes menu so I can alter object classes on the fly? Hope that makes sense............
  10. Hello all - I'm just coming to the end of a 3D massing Manoel and need to insert some trees. I've checked the resource manager and its completely empty. I've used VW package manager and downloaded all of the content. I've restarted VW, didn't work. So I restarted the machine - still empty. I'm sure its a simple thing, but I'm stumped. Any help gratefully received. Thanks in advance Jon
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