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  1. Oh yeah. i was able to create my first svg file in vectorworks. Many thanks to everyone who helped me.
  2. Thank you for being so helpful. I've done it now like you brian. Now I have restarted everything but no svg export appears under file / export ... do I still have to activate the plugin in vectorworks? if yes how?
  3. thanks I found that too but it doesn't work. can someone send me the folder structure in windows? thanks
  4. Hi there I have now bought the plugin. Unfortunately I don't know where to insert. Can you please copy your folder structure for me. at the point where you inserted it. Thank you very much@Brian(J)
  5. I am thrilled to hear that you are working on an svg export plugin. can i already buy it. if so, where can i buy it. if not, can you write here when it's ready?
  6. Hello Paolo I am glad to hear some good news. I am very interested in your plugin. I hope to hear from you soon ... greetings from Switzerland
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